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Tamatanga Birmingham – Restaurant Review

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Tamatanga Birmingham is one of three restaurants, one in Birmingham, one in Nottingham the newest one, opening in Leicester. All are of the same design and are very popular.

 The Tamatanga in Birmingham is located near New Street Station. It depends what time of the day you go to eat here but it can get very busy especially during peak times. I suggest pre booking and table. 

To get into Tamatanga in Birmingham, there are two doors which must be pushed or pulled open. Unfortunately, this meant I must rely on the people who I am with to do so, decreasing my independence. There is a standard size disabled toilet within the restaurant, but I have never had to use it. Only being a standard size disabled toilet decreases the chances of all disabled customers using it as it is not suitable for them.

 I have been to Tamatanga in Birmingham a different time of the day, so the amount of custom has there been, and I would say that the accessibility and space within the restaurant is good, but it can be difficult to manoeuvre through the thin walkways particularly when the restaurant is busy. The bar within the restaurant is near the entrance and if the restaurant is not too busy, I would be able to line up next to it and order independently. I would just be mindful of all of this.

Getting to your table should be easy, depending on the time of day you go. The staff members do try and help as best they can so you can make your way to your table past other customers and manoeuvre closely enough to be able to dine properly.

Sadly, there has been times that I have visited Birmingham’s Tamatanga and me and my family and friends were sat by one of the staff members at a table right in the corner of the restaurant. Purposefully or not, I have felt that this was a way to keep me aside and out of the way, but it may have been to make sure we were not interrupted. Who knows, but it was very uncomfortable. I had to manoeuvre in tight spaces, and it was hard for us to be noticed when we wanted to order. On our most recent visit however, the restaurant wasn’t so busy, and we were able to see as one of the main tables in the middle of the restaurant. But whichever table we were at I found that they were very low, and I struggle to get underneath them. Depending on your disability you may want to bring a tray with you to use instead. The staff members can be friendly and their attitude towards me is always positive despite the seating arrangements. They always talk to me directly which means a lot and improves the whole experience.

The restaurant is very vibrant and colourful, it’s got a lively atmosphere which I think adds to the overall experience. It is a place to go on Friday or Saturday night to have a have a nice meal and cocktails with friends.

Tamatanga in Birmingham offers has an extensive menu to suit anyone’s taste buds. I’m impressed to see them trying to accommodate every customer. I’ve enjoyed the spices taste and flavours of the dishes that I’ve tried. Despite there being larger meals available I choose to go with the smaller plates and have a Tapas style Indian meal comprising of about three different options. I’ve enjoyed the onion bhajis and the bang bang chicken. It was really tasty and spicy, and the chicken pieces were succulent. I’ve had a small plate of lamb tikka masala before, and it’s been nice but on my last visit I preferred my chicken dish as the lamb tikka was dry and wasn’t up to the usual standards. Of course, it depends on appetite, but I recommend having the smaller dishes over bigger ones and then you can have a little bit of everything. Then I recommend having a mango lassi with your meal, I really enjoy them, and it completes the meal for me.

The restaurant can be expensive, but I do recommend it if you are planning a good night out with your friends and family or for a special occasion.

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