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Franco Manca, New Street Birmingham – Restaurant Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Franco Manca is located on Bennett’s Hill close to New Street Station in Birmingham City Centre. On arrival, my friend and I needed to join a virtual queue using the code outside the restaurant. There are clear instructions on how to book virtually and then we just had to wait for a notification to when our table was ready. There is a disabled assistance button just outside the restaurant for any is the disabled customers who may need assistance.

Upon being notified of the availability of a table I was able to get in through the open door that was propped open and straight into the main restaurant as it is all flat access.

While at the restaurant I did not use the toilet but to my knowledge there was a standard size disabled toilet within the restaurant. Though expected it still a disappointment that at this restaurant didn’t have the correct bathroom facilities to accommodate all disabilities.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions tables and chairs were placed in good distance from the next which gave me enough space to manoeuvre around and get to our table easily. There was also a great amount of space for me to manoeuvre close to the table and then dine without being jostled by other customers. I really felt comfortable and relaxed.

I loved how new everything booked and well-polished with the bar being near the back next to the pizza oven. I wouldn’t have been able to order over it independently, but it was lucky that the restaurant acted on table service.

The tables were of a decent height but still too low for me to be able to get my wheelchair underneath properly. My knees came level with the underside of the table and tilting my chair down I was able to get in a position where my knees would just brush against the underside of the table. It was a little bit uncomfortable, but okay, as I was still able to get close to the table and I just moved myself to try and accommodate.

I found the staff members very upbeat and kind. The service was good and there were attitudes with the waitresses spoke to me directly as opposed to who I was with. I was really pleased with this, and it made the experience that bit better. The restaurant has a calm and easy. I might take my laptop the next time I go it just seems like the right atmosphere in which I can going into my own little bubble and do some work

I was pleasantly surprised with the food at Franco Manca, Birmingham. Plenty to drink. Coke, Diet Coke, flavoured Lemonade, and more. The restaurant does good thin crust pizzas and there is a lot of options to suit many dietary requirements. I chose the starter of garlic bread and main course of cheese and tomato pizza swapping the mozzarella with buffalo mozzarella which I very much enjoyed. In my opinion it’s a much better-quality pizza compared to something like Pizza Hut or Pizza Express.

I must say that I was disappointed with the starter of garlic bread because it was just like a miniature pizza which I thought was too much and I was expecting it to be like other garlic breads. My friend had a bread with rosemary and garlic to start with and she said it was very tasty. I am going to try that next time.

My plan is to go to Franco Manca in Birmingham again and I do and have recommended it to others.

UPDATE: Since this review I have visited twice more and have had slightly different experiences. One being that the waiter made us sit in the very corner of the restaurant so “we weren’t in the way,” which made me feel annoyed and upset. However, the next time we went, we were able to sit wherever we wanted to, and so chose a seat in the centre of the restaurant. I was able to try the flatbread with salt and rosemary and this was so much better than the garlic bread I had on my first visit, then I was partial to the buffalo mozzarella bites which I had alongside the flatbread as opposed to a main course. My friend and my dad also enjoyed their meals and the overall experience.

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