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Cadbury World Review

★★★ Booking Let’s start with the booking process. I would strongly advise you to book through the Cadbury World website and make sure to pre-book all your tickets. It is a very popular tourist attraction, meaning without pre-booking your tickets, you risk not being able to gain entrance on your chosen date and time. Also,… Continue reading Cadbury World Review

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LEON, Birmingham New Street Station – Restaurant Review

★★ LEON is located in Birmingham New Street on the same side as T K Max. The doorway is okay to get through in my wheelchair, but disabled customers just need to be aware of the posts put up to ensure customers are going one way only.  It is a standard size cafe/restaurant so don't… Continue reading LEON, Birmingham New Street Station – Restaurant Review

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ODEON Luxe Broadway Plaza Birmingham

★★★ ODEON Luxe Broadway Plaza is my go-to cinema. I’ve always liked this cinema, especially since the re-designing of the place. The pavement outside is wide which makes it easy to navigate. There are stairs down to the main complex as well as a long ramp, with flat pavements. The button to open the doors… Continue reading ODEON Luxe Broadway Plaza Birmingham

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Regards Edgbaston Birmingham – Restaurant Review

★★★★ Regards Birmingham is not far from my house and it's a nice walk when the weather is good! Unlike the other local shops and businesses, it has a ramp into the facility which is invaluable for wheelchair users. It's a bit steep but my wheelchair could manage it. There were two doors which I… Continue reading Regards Edgbaston Birmingham – Restaurant Review

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Pizza Express Harborne – Restaurant Review

★★ Pizza Express in Harborne is on Harborne's busy high street of other restaurants. The restaurant has flat access although it had one door into the main restaurant which is always closed and I would need assistance to get in. I think there is a button on the outside of the restaurant which disabled customers can… Continue reading Pizza Express Harborne – Restaurant Review

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The Green Man Harborne – Restaurant Review

★★★ This restaurant is on a busy high street full of shops and restaurants. The Green Man is located on the top east of Harborne high street. Getting into the restaurant is easy as it has a wide ramp as well as stairs so it is accessible for wheelchair users. Accessibility and space are good and… Continue reading The Green Man Harborne – Restaurant Review

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200 Degrees Cafe Colmore Row Birmingham

★★★ I have seen a number of 200 Degrees coffee shops, but I haven't been in one until my friend recommended it and we went into the one by New Street Station. Facing the station, the coffee shop is on the left on a bit of a slant which didn't made it easy to get… Continue reading 200 Degrees Cafe Colmore Row Birmingham

Changing Places Reviews

‘Changing Places’ – Birmingham New Street Station

Despite using New Street Station in Birmingham, a number of times, I have not realised there is a 'Changing Places' facility in the confines of the actual station. If you enter via the entrance alongside Tk Maxx by Leon, the ‘Changing Places’ facility is to your left with the other toilets. I had not noticed… Continue reading ‘Changing Places’ – Birmingham New Street Station

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All Bar One, New Street, Birmingham – Restaurant Review

★★★★ There are a lot of All Bar One restaurants around, but I've never actually been to one myself. My dad and I fancied a change to where we usually go so when we were out in the city centre one weekend, we decided to go to an All Bar One by New Street Station… Continue reading All Bar One, New Street, Birmingham – Restaurant Review

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PRAZA Birmingham – Restaurant Review

★★★★ PRAZA restaurant is based on Hagley Road in Birmingham. Although tucked away from the roadside, it is easy to locate for potential customers to see. The car park is tucked just around the back of the building and was easily accessible. Unfortunately, as a wheelchair user, I was unable to use the front entrance… Continue reading PRAZA Birmingham – Restaurant Review