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I am thinking of starting my own VLOG. I have been thinking about it for a while. Talking to a camera about events of my life and about that which was important to me in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing and won’t stop writing.

But I fancy trying something different and will use my media skills in a different, new way.

Another reason why I thought about starting a VLOG is the fear and nervousness I often have when I meet and talk to new people, I thought if I start a VLOG, I can pretend that the camera is a new person I am talking too.

Though I do understand that it would mean pouring my heart out to the camera about such precious moments in my life, I have the reassure that it is similar to do so for my written blog.

I also have the anxiety of when I upload these videos to my own YouTube channel, I might receive negative comments about me and my wheelchair and the videos themselves.

However I did and still have to remind myself that some negative comments may hurt as comments about my disability have hurt in the past, but unfortunately its just a way of life especially for someone in my situation.

People see us as an easy target.

I gave myself a serious reality check, whatever happens you can’t avoid negative comments in life and you can either let it beat you or embrace the negative comments and use it to urge you forward.

I am still weighing up the positive points about starting my own VLOG and it may take me a while to think it through and gain access to a camera and the recorded needed to start the VLOG.

If anyone knows what equipment I could use, I am open to suggestions. If I could use my tablet to record, it would be really beneficial.

My plans are to include the items that I used in my written blog to be my first entries for my VLOG. This is to keep the loyalty of all you followers out there.

Another reason for repeating the content of my written blog is so any new people that I might attract through my VLOG, have the background that my current followers, you guys, already have.

Once I have caught up on the blog posts that I have already done, I hope to include entries in which have a more reoccurring theme to uphold the followers I have and gain a loyal following.

To cause regular traffic to both my written blog and to my VLOG, I will upload and write entries of the same content to keep my followers interested and updated; supplying the links to my blog/VLOG so people can have access to both.

Additionally, I will be uploading the videos of my life, so the content I upload isn’t too repetitive. I will see how my VLOG takes off and how it progresses.

Using this, another of my aims is once gaining a strong enough following, I hope to receive enough positive feedback on the entries I have already uploaded and a sufficient number of questions about the content in my VLOG to answer in future entries in my VLOG amongst the others I plan to record.

I don’t know when I’m going to get this VLOG up and running, but I will be sure to keep everyone updated.

4 thoughts on “Vlogging”

  1. You should do it, Sophie, now that it’s in your mind to do it.
    I’m sure you can do it okay with a tablet. You can get an app to edit the video for any mistakes and cut out any long pauses you don’t want.
    I’ve never done it at all but if I were to, I’d write a sort of rough script so I didn’t forget what I needed to say. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your advice. I have all these books with tips etc but haven’t took the first step to starting. It may sound dumb, but I don’t know the correct apps to use to film. Then I have not been good at editting video in the past because of my CP and motor skills. So if I can find the filming app and someone to edit the videos. I can start 🙂 I will start titiling and writing scripts for each of my VLOGs as soon as I can find and work an app that films videos and edit them. Then I need to create a Youtube channel etc 🙂

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      1. Hi Bladud, sorry it took me a while to get back to you. Thank you, I will give that a try and see if I am able to use it and I will be sure to let you know.

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