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Considering A Masters Degree in Creative Writing


After I graduated from De Montfort University (DMU) with a 2:1 in BA Honours Creative Writing and Journalism, I decided to take time out of education. Both, for personal reasons, as well respite, while I figured out what to do next. Naturally, I started to write again and began to recapture what my writing once was.

Job Applications

While I decided on my next move, I searched for jobs, to see if any of these would start a career for me. I did apply to one or two social media co-ordinator roles that I found on Linkedin, but I either didn’t hear back or was unsuccessful. My confidence took a knock when this happened but I tried to keep going. 

There is something I don’t understand, jobs in my chosen industry ask for experience in that job or related experience to be able to successfully acquire the role but how do we gain the experience if we don’t get the role?

This is just something that happened particularly in the industry I wanted to go in.

From the minute I came home from graduation I did consider and wished for the courage to apply to Warners Bros. Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter. Before I considered physically applying, I wanted to apply elsewhere.

One, to ensure back up jobs if I were to be unsuccessful on a job application at Warners Bros. Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter; and two, I believed filling out other application forms would provide me with practice and would hopefully allow my application to be of a high standard compared to others. 

I looked around the official website, I did find a vacancy. The role was ‘front of house’ role, welcoming visitors, providing customer service skills and assistance within the tour and working with fellow team members to provide the best possible experience on the tour. The job was very clearly outlined and I became more eager by the second and this gave me the extra confidence to apply.

I wrote and rewrote the application, I wanted to check all the responsibilities off. I was pleased with my application but, unfortunately, I was unsuccessful.

Downhearted, I gave up applying for jobs and began to write for personal use again. After some time, my dad offered me a job at Tibbatts Abel as a Social Media Coordinator. I have had experience doing this before, with Birmingham PHAB Campus and then Sports Recovery and this would give me another level of experience in the industry while I figured out what my next stop would be.


During my time out of education while I was deciding what to do next, my Dad offered me a job at Tibbatts Abel as their Social Media Coordinator. My role involved me to keep the companys social media platforms updated and frequently post on their blog, posting relevant content from the designs they had completed, or on going projects from Tibbatts Abel designs across the UK and beyond. I contributed my own creative ideas for this to keep in the companies theme and look appealing. While working for Tibbatts Abel, I kept in regular touch with the team and kept the blog and social media platforms current, giving them a vibrant feel, featuring creative content and high-quality photographs on each post so it can reach followers and potential clients for the company. I hope to showcase Tibbatts Abel previous, current and future projects while showing the people behind the company. 

A Passion

I am always found with a notebook and pen at hand for when ideas strike. My fingers twitch to write the tales of my characters day or night… 

Being a creative writer has always been and will always be a refuge for me to cope with Cerebral Palsy and its challenges. It has helped me cope with many put downs in my life, from being stereotyped and underestimated, to enduring bullies, as well as betrayals and transferring university.

Writing was there for me with the latest and deepest pain: losing my mum.

It has always been a safety blanket. But it is also my passion.  I have been working on my fantasy fiction novel for as long as I can remember and will continue until it is a full fleshed out novel. I have also been experimenting with writing novellas based in this fictional world. Elsewhere, I try to sink my teeth into other characters to see what stories they have to tell. I will ride the wave and see where it takes me. 

What Next?

Originally I found the prospect of studying a masters degree very intimidating, various courses involve an intense level of study with other 200 hours of study time, including preparatory reading, homework and assignment preparation.

This is required in every aspect of the course and I feared how I could manage all of this in the fitted time frame. 

I had achieved a 2:1 in BA Honours Creative Writing and Journalism, but studying a Postgraduate degree is something else. After a lot of thought, I decided to research into a degree surrounding Creative Writing as this is where my devotion lies…