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A real sh*ty reminder — My life kerry’s way

Disclaimer: All views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the blogger’s own. Several times over the past few weeks, i can safely say I’ve had a real toilet slap in the face reminder, why it’s so vital to have access to a crazy thing like a ‘toilet’. As a campaigner you feel like […]A… Continue reading A real sh*ty reminder — My life kerry’s way

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Realms of Magic – A Fantasy Wonderland

Realms of Magic is a fantasy-fiction novel that, I hope, has flourished over the many years I have spent writing it. I wanted to create a world in which readers can immerse themselves in, become to know characters that are different but relatable. I wanted gripping plotlines which also have a sense of warmth to them.… Continue reading Realms of Magic – A Fantasy Wonderland

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Writing a Novel: Realms of Magic

For years I have been working on a fantasy fiction novel Realms of Magic. I planted a small seed of a story, taking inspiration from films, TV shows and books I had read. Taking off elements I felt complimented each other and combined them doing my own story. At first, creating the story was a bit of… Continue reading Writing a Novel: Realms of Magic

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Importance of Changing Places Facilities

As a disabled person in today's society, I want to live the life that anyone else my age does, regardless of my disability. Before now I have had to structure my day according to where I was, who I was with and how long I could hold on to the toilet before having to go.… Continue reading Importance of Changing Places Facilities

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Pret A Manger Above Bar West Quay Southampton – Restaurant Review

★★★ Pret A Manger, West Quay, Southampton is probably my favourite coffee shop in Southampton and I definitely recommend it for a hot drink and catch up with your family and friends. There are two entrances; luckily the one from outside West Quay Shopping Centre has flat access. The only issue is that the entrance… Continue reading Pret A Manger Above Bar West Quay Southampton – Restaurant Review

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Changing Places – West Quay Shopping Centre

This Changing Places facility is located at one of the lower floors of the shopping centre near one of the parking levels. The lift to get down to the level has the symbol within it to indicate the level you will find the facility. The facility is amongst other toilet facilities though slightly set apart… Continue reading Changing Places – West Quay Shopping Centre

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Cadbury World Review

★★★ Booking Let’s start with the booking process. I would strongly advise you to book through the Cadbury World website and make sure to pre-book all your tickets. It is a very popular tourist attraction, meaning without pre-booking your tickets, you risk not being able to gain entrance on your chosen date and time. Also,… Continue reading Cadbury World Review

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Shakeaway, Marlands, West Quay, Southampton

★★★★ ShakeAway is located in the upper floors of the Marlands Shopping Centre, not far from the West Quay shopping centre in Southampton. Provided the lift in the Marlands Shopping Centre is operational you should have no issues accessing this restaurant.  When you exit the lift finding ShakeAway is not difficult due to the brightly… Continue reading Shakeaway, Marlands, West Quay, Southampton