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Pitch Perfect 3 (2017) Film Review

★★★★ Led by Becca (Anna Kendrick) the Bellas reunite for the last time in this 2017 flick where they partake in a singing competition to entertain US troops while competing against other bands for the prize of supporting DJ Khaled. Along the way, they rediscover their bond and love to sing with each other. In the… Continue reading Pitch Perfect 3 (2017) Film Review

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Beauty & the Beast (2017) Film Review

★★ Disney’s Beauty & the Beast tells the story of Belle a young woman who lives in a village with her father, the inventor. She is considered to be an oddball as is the only bookworm in the village and because she shows no interest in the brutish but town favourite Gaston. Belle’s simple life… Continue reading Beauty & the Beast (2017) Film Review

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Yesterday (2019) Guest Film Review

★★★★ Yesterday stars Jack Malik (Himish Patel) as a struggling singer-songwriter living in Suffolk whose dreams of fame and fortune are fading, despite the support of dedicated childhood best friend, come-manager, come-roadie, Ellie (Lily James). Malik’s bad luck continues when he is hit by a bus in a freak accident during a mysterious global blackout.… Continue reading Yesterday (2019) Guest Film Review

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Ad Astra (2019) Film Review

★ Roy McBride (Brad Pitt) is an astronaut who must travel across Space in an attempt to locate his missing father (Tommy Lee Jones) who journeyed on a fateful expedition across the solar system thirty years earlier. Despite Roy’s mental state being questioned due to his personal connection to the mission, Roy is determined to… Continue reading Ad Astra (2019) Film Review

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Essence of Beauty – Harborne – Review

★★★★ Essence of Beauty is located in Harborne and offers a range of beauty and health-based treatments. My mother was a regular patron their and went for a variety of treatments. Most recently I went for a nail treatment as trusted the staff members to give me a high-level personalised service. Previously, I have had… Continue reading Essence of Beauty – Harborne – Review

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Paul at No. 41 – Review

★★★★★ On one of my recent trips to Harborne, I decided to visit Paul at No. 41, an independent business on a busy high street. I had been recommended by a friend so decided to support this independent coffee shop. The accessibility into the entrance was flat with a slightly narrow doorway but as I… Continue reading Paul at No. 41 – Review

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Costa Coffee Harborne – Review

★★★★ Getting into Costa Coffee Harborne was easy enough as it was flat access with only a slight incline and only one door was initially open which was not wide enough for me to get through in my electric wheelchair.  However, a staff member came over immediately as soon as he saw us trying to… Continue reading Costa Coffee Harborne – Review

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Sister Act The Musical – Theatre Review

★★ Based on the hit-film Sister Act in 1992 X-factor winner Alexandra Burke stars in the lead role as Disco Diva Deloris Van Cartier, who must hide in a convent after witnessing a mob murder. Struggling under the strict House rules of the Mother Superior, Deloris helps her fellow nuns to find their voices and… Continue reading Sister Act The Musical – Theatre Review

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Maleficent 2: The Mistress of Evil (2019) Film Review

★★★★★ Maleficent returns to our screens after five years since her debut in 2014 where she developed a love for a human child. The original Maleficent movie was based on the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty but with a twist. This sequel is completely original addressing what happens after the ‘happily ever after’ ending the original.… Continue reading Maleficent 2: The Mistress of Evil (2019) Film Review

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Disney’s Lion King (2019) Film Review

★★ Based on the original 1994 traditional animated film Disney takes another swing at the Lion King in a fully formatted CGI version.  Inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Lion King follows the story of Simba, a young lion cub (voiced by JD McCrary) who is destined to be King. However, his uncle, Scar (voiced by Chiwetel… Continue reading Disney’s Lion King (2019) Film Review