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SCOOB! (2020) Film Review

★ SCOOB! (2020) is an animated comedy film starring the voices of Frank Welker (Scooby), Will Forte (Shaggy Rogers), Zac Efron (Fred Jones), Amanda Seyfried (Daphne Blake) and Gina Rodriguez (Velma Dinkley). Although the film features all the classic characters, a new plotline emerges when Scooby and his team plot to release the ghost dog,… Continue reading SCOOB! (2020) Film Review

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ODEON Luxe Broadway Plaza Birmingham

★★★ ODEON Luxe Broadway Plaza is my go-to cinema. I’ve always liked this cinema, especially since the re-designing of the place. The pavement outside is wide which makes it easy to navigate. There are stairs down to the main complex as well as a long ramp, with flat pavements. The button to open the doors… Continue reading ODEON Luxe Broadway Plaza Birmingham

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Joker (2019) Guest Film Review

★★★★★ It's the height of crime in Gotham City. Vulnerable Arthur Fleck has a passion for comedy and a sense of humour that no one quite understands. He struggles to fit into a society that shows him little regard, and the challenges he faces push him into a downward spiral towards a violent revolution. In… Continue reading Joker (2019) Guest Film Review

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Instant Family (2019) – Film Review

★★★★ Inspired by the director’s personal experience, Instant Family tells the story of married couple Pete (Mark Wahlberg) and Ellie (Rose Byrne) on their journey to foster a child. Under the guidance of two social workers, Karen (Octavia Spencer) and Sharon (Tig Notaro) the couple, along with a group of other hopeful parents prepare to adopt… Continue reading Instant Family (2019) – Film Review

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White Swan Harborne – Restaurant Review

★★ The White Swan in Harborne is my local pub, a short walk from our house, it's a good place to meet, eat and drink with friends and family. Getting into the White Swan is difficult for me as there are two double doors (one after the other) which are push and pull open doors.… Continue reading White Swan Harborne – Restaurant Review

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Regards Edgbaston Birmingham – Restaurant Review

★★★★ Regards Birmingham is not far from my house and it's a nice walk when the weather is good! Unlike the other local shops and businesses, it has a ramp into the facility which is invaluable for wheelchair users. It's a bit steep but my wheelchair could manage it. There were two doors which I… Continue reading Regards Edgbaston Birmingham – Restaurant Review

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Pizza Express Harborne – Restaurant Review

★★ Pizza Express in Harborne is on Harborne's busy high street of other restaurants. The restaurant has flat access although it had one door into the main restaurant which is always closed and I would need assistance to get in. I think there is a button on the outside of the restaurant which disabled customers can… Continue reading Pizza Express Harborne – Restaurant Review

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The Green Man Harborne – Restaurant Review

★★★ This restaurant is on a busy high street full of shops and restaurants. The Green Man is located on the top east of Harborne high street. Getting into the restaurant is easy as it has a wide ramp as well as stairs so it is accessible for wheelchair users. Accessibility and space are good and… Continue reading The Green Man Harborne – Restaurant Review

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Four Kids and it (2020) Film Review

★★ Four Kids & It (2020) is a modern take on the original film made in 2004. Starring Paula Patton, Matthew Goode, Russell Brand and Michael Caine. The story is based around a family holiday to Cornwall and the acquaintance of a magical creature that has the ability to grant wishes. Whilst the original film… Continue reading Four Kids and it (2020) Film Review

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Blithe Spirit (2020) Film Review

★ Blithe Spirit is a fantasy comedy starring Leslie Mann, Dan Stevens, Isla Fisher and Judie Dench. It is based on a writer who has suffered from writer's block but accidentally summons the spirit of his deceased ex-wife. The spirit allows the writer to overcome his hiatus and write with renewed vigour.  He also fantasies… Continue reading Blithe Spirit (2020) Film Review