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Pitcher & Piano, Ocean Village, Southampton – Restaurant Review

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

Pitcher & Piano, Ocean Village in Southampton is a brightly inviting restaurant and is a great place to meet up with family and friends to have a catch up by the docks. Getting up to the main entrance of the restaurant was quite easy, however, I would just be aware of the number of chairs and tables on the outside which can impede access. There are two sets of double doors into the entrance and wheelchair users might need assistance getting in. Once inside the accessibility and space is nice and it is a big place, but I would be mindful of how busy and popular the location can get and how this can cause more obstructions in the space. At the same time, I usually find other patrons and staff to be very helpful and accommodating. From previous use, I know there is a disabled toilet, of a standard size, between the men and women’s toilets. Unless you were able to transfer you will not be able to use this toilet with ease – for myself I had to rely on my parents to lift me on and off the toilet which was difficult in the limited space.

As expected, this restaurant again has low tables which I could not get underneath to eat. As well as some tables being of a low height there are also a number of tables which are too high so as I was unable to get out of my wheelchair, I would have to talk up to the person I was visiting with. I always make sure I sit at one of the regular tables and make sure to bring a tray along with me if me and whomever I plan to eat here with. In general, the staff members who work here are very kind and patient especially in helping me get around the restaurant and bar to a table. We have regularly visited Pitcher & Piano on a Friday and Saturday and despite the busyness of the restaurant, the staff are very helpful both when I try to order drinks at the bar  as it is sometimes more difficult for me as the bar is very tall, or when I order from a menu via table service.

It’s quite a busy and popular restaurant due to being in a prime location. Though it can be a bit loud and rowdy at times it’s a good place to catch up with friends if you like somewhere atmosphere. Those preferring a quieter location should steer clear. The food here is typical pub grub, no more no less. I would rather go here just for a drink but if you do need a bite to eat the food isn’t too bad, but you will find better along the docks. I do like this restaurant and bar and will be returning the next time I have a social gathering with loved ones.

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