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Banana Warf, Southampton – Restaurant Review

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

A dockside restaurant, Banana Warf, located in the Ocean Village. It is a beautiful place to get together with friends and family for drink or food. As well as eating here I have often sat in the sun outside this restaurant having a refreshing drink.  The outside of this restaurant is nice and inviting, with the menu displayed outside to try and bring customers in. Beside this stand is a revolving door which you can step through into the restaurant. Next to this is a standard door which disabled users can use, however this door can only be opened from the inside so if going with a friend they will need to enter via the revolving door to let you in.

I have not had to use the toilet facilities at Banana Wharf. As such I cannot comment as to whether there are disabled toilet faculties within this establishment.

Accessibility and space around the restaurant is reasonable and I was able to manoeuvre in and around tables and chairs to get where I need to be. When it is busier this can restrict space considerably, but you just have to plunge in and manoeuvre yourself carefully. Some assistance can come from the helpful members of staff and fellow customers as they make space so I can get to the table.  In this scenario I tend to get to my table and then not move throughout the meal. I also request for us not to be put in the corner, so I’m not construed as being in the way. The staff members as a whole are very kind caring and patient throughout the dining experience, speaking to me when the questions and queries are to do with me. This with the exception of a few servers who have not been patient and want us to sit in the table in the corner to be out of the way. When this has happened, we have tended to put our foot down and talk our way onto another table. I instantly speak up if I see staff members are disregarding me to make enquiries about my meal to dad to rectify this behaviour.

The tables over the bar at this restaurant are too low for me to eat from comfortably so I have to bring a tray to eat comfortably. Likewise, the bar is too high for me to order from so I have to rely on others to make my drink orders.  The bar is separate from the main restaurant so people can just come to sit and enjoy drinks and occasionally watch football games displayed on the big screen in the bar. When my dad does decide to sit at the bar and watch a football game he would sit on a high stall and I would have to shout up to talk to him.

The atmosphere here is very good and people are able to have their own conversations with people on their tables without having to feel like they have to shout to be heard. At the same time, it is still loud enough to add to the night and it really a fun, popular restaurant to go to whatever mood you are in.

The menu has changed a number of times especially of late due to COVID-19. Sadly the meals have decreased in variety so may not suit every taste, but I can recommend the margarita pizza and a beef noodle dish with spices and vegetables, full of flavour and tasty. I prefer the main meals over the desserts at this restaurant, but I do approve the ice cream here, its rich and its the proper flavoured ice cream rather than the equivalent many other restaurants have.

Prices at the restaurant are good for the quality and quantity you get for the price, but some people may class the prices as overpriced and not be willing to pay the amount so it’s for individual to decide. I can understand about the prices being too high, they are and when we only go ourselves it’s with a group that people so the prices are worth it.

I recommend Banana Warf, Southampton to others.

NOTE: Review was written before COVID-19 so the menu has been subject to change.

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