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All Bar One, New Street, Birmingham – Restaurant Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

There are a lot of All Bar One restaurants around, but I’ve never actually been to one myself. My dad and I fancied a change to where we usually go so when we were out in the city centre one weekend, we decided to go to an All Bar One by New Street Station Birmingham. 

It’s located directly outside the station, most definitely in a prime location and is always busy. My dad and I weren’t sure whether we could get a table at the time we decided to eat especially due to the new arrangements in place. 

To get inside the restaurant there were standard push and pull doors which I couldn’t use independently. There was no button on the outer doors to alert staff members of my presence or that I would need assistance. I was lucky that I was with dad who could open the door for me. Otherwise, the restaurant had flat access into the restaurant, and I managed to get inside.

Though I didn’t need to use the toilet myself, the male and female toilets were upstairs. I can only assume that there was a standard size disabled toilet somewhere in the restaurant, but I cannot confirm this based on this visit. 

Having not booked a table it was a bit more difficult to get a suitable one. In the end we were able to get a table at the back of the restaurant. I was worried about this as I would have to manoeuvre around everyone to be able to get to the back as quickly and as carefully as I could. It was a busy time with lots of people there but the route to the table I was actually quite simple and there wasn’t many things that we had to move out the way. 

I was concerned that we would be in a tight space and our seat wouldn’t be comfortable, but it was actually a nice table with plenty of space around it and after tilting my chair down I could just about get underneath the table which is a rarity in restaurants. 

At the time of our visit it was during COVID-19 so we had to order via the app. We found the All Bar One app easy to use compared to some we have tried so I was very impressed. The staff members were smiley, and the service was good.

The atmosphere was positive, it was buzzing due to it being busy and popular but, with the exception of a group of noisy women, it was a calm environment that my dad and I really enjoyed. 

The drinks were good. There was a selection of wines, beers and cocktails as well as soft drinks. I enjoyed that my Pepsi Max was by the glass as opposed to by the bottle. It was cold and fizzy. 

The food was great. Proper quality beef for the burgers and the bacon wasn’t too strong. The burger was a bit messy, however, and I struggled to eat it with the use of only one hand. I loved the Biscoff Cheesecake! It tasted similar to a millionaires cheesecake but it wasn’t as rich. I enjoyed every bite.

I do recommend All Bar One, New Street. Just be careful to avoid peak times and prices.

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