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PRAZA Birmingham – Restaurant Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

PRAZA restaurant is based on Hagley Road in Birmingham. Although tucked away from the roadside, it is easy to locate for potential customers to see. The car park is tucked just around the back of the building and was easily accessible.

Unfortunately, as a wheelchair user, I was unable to use the front entrance due to a large step. Instead, I had to enter via the side entrance. The staff were prompt with opening this door long before I made it there. This high service was again repeated when I left the restaurant; one staff member aided me in helping to guide my chair down the step. To get to the side entrance I had to go over a grassy slope as there was no pavement. This resulted in me getting stuck both on entering and leaving the restaurant. On the return, because it was dark this was much harder to navigate which caused me to hit the grass wrong. I had to ask my friends who I was with for an extra shove as was unable to get through the grass unaided. Although entering the restaurant as possible in this instance I am not sure I would be able to enter in poor weather conditions.  However, I would feel comfortable asking the staff for help.

Once inside the side entrance, it was initially difficult to navigate because the corridor protruding from the door was quite narrow. When I reached the end of the corridor it was impossible for me to get into the dining area without the coat hanger being moved. However, the staff were very helpful and helped my friend move it, so I could pass through. The dining area itself was very spacious and I felt confident moving around. In this respect, the staff were very patient in letting me move around and I did not feel rushed.  They had also taken the initiative to move a chair aside from the table, so I could get to the table with ease before I arrived in the dining area. Furthermore, because of the space available I was easily able to line myself up with the table.  The tables themselves were an ideal height. PRAZA has been one of the few restaurants I have visited I have actually been able to fit my new chair under the table.

Although the dining area was very spacious to my knowledge there were not any disabled toilet facilities available. Although this was not a problem as I lived locally to the restaurant it did limit the time I could spend at the restaurant and the amount I could drink.

The bar offered a great drinks menu however it was too high for me to project my voice to order any drinks. As I was dining, they did offer a table service which resolved this issue. If I had just come for drinks I would have not been able to order drinks independently at the bar. However, as it was table service the staff were very attentive throughout the entire meal and service itself was prompt but not hurried. Given the context (it was a Monday night and we were the only individuals dining within the restaurant), this fantastic service was somewhat expected. The staff were very personable and friendly, and I personally suspect they offer the same faultless service every night regardless.

Despite being quite empty the PRAZA still had a comfortable and easy atmosphere and did not actually feel dead. It was cleanly decorated, and the background music was in no manner overwhelming.  In no way did I feel hurried by the staff which added to an atmosphere in which the evening could be lost in conversation.  I was with my dad and a friend and we all thoroughly enjoyed our meals. We shared two starters before the mains and each dish was distinct and uniquely spiced.

The portions were very good, and we were left with sizable leftovers for lunch the next day. Additionally, the staff were more than happy to package the leftovers which were boxed neatly and given back inside a bag. These leftovers were just as delicious reheated as they had been fresh the night before ensuring no food wastage! It was an expensive meal however it was a deserved price. Added to this the leftovers actually meant the price covered two meals at the price of one.

I will eagerly be returning to PRAZA and would recommend the restaurant to anyone who enjoys good quality Indian food.

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