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School of Rock The Musical – Theatre Review

Star Rating⭐⭐⭐


School of Rock the musical was a well thought out interpretation of the story and was a hit on stage!

Based on the 2003 film starring Jack Black, Andrew Lloyd Webber produced a Broadway it for the West End. Dewey Finn (David Fynn) leads a strong cast of child actors. First developed and premiered inNew York, and now on stages in London, Andrew Lloyd Webber created an universal knock-out, from Toby Lee as the face-melting guitar genius Zack to Amma Ris as Tomika, who emerges from her shell with a shockingly with the song of ‘Amazing Grace’ to from Oscar Franciso as Lawrence, the gluten-intolerant loner who becomes a cool dude on the keyboards. The whole performance has explosive energy and is ridiculously entertaining as music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Glenn Slater brings this new stage show to life.

Dewey Finn (David Fynn) a slacker wannabe rocker who is dumped by his band takes a job as a supply teacher at the snooty prep school, Horace Green Prep School. He proceeds to unleash the inner rock gods of the children in his class as he prepares them in secret, behind the back of headmistress Rosalie (Florence Andrews) to compete in a Battle of the Bands.

Throughout the play, Dewey Finn goes from a shaggy free-loading slob who turns into a man possessed when promulgating the gospel of rock, replete with frenzied flourishes of guitar-shredding zeal. Dewey’s passion for heavy metal is boundless and his initially reluctant pupils pick up on this and are enthused as they come to be a rock band worthy to compete in Battle of the Bands.

This production allows the child actors/actresses to play instruments live which allows these young prodigies to showcase their talent to the audiences who have to watch the performance. Dewey Finn acts like an overgrown man-child and liberates the children in his class and since the child actor/actresses are aged between 9 and 13, their talented performances are infectious and their delight spreads as they get the audiences sharing their joy.

Directed by Laurence Connor, the production of School of Rock is a quirky hoot with a heart. An empowering force of music that crackles with mischief!

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