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Hamilton the Musical (2020) Guest Review

Hamilton is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed musicals of the past decade. It has won 11 Tony Awards, a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theatre Album, and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. It is written by Lin-Manuel Miranda who also plays as the titular character (and as the character Lee Scorseby in… Continue reading Hamilton the Musical (2020) Guest Review

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Friends the Parody – Review

★★★★ Friends The Musical Parody took the stage at Alexandra Theatre Birmingham, for one day only, which is based on the TV Sitcom. Friends took place between 1994 to 2004, capturing the life of six individuals and their daily activities in New York City. The musical takes the mick of the TV sitcom. Taking to… Continue reading Friends the Parody – Review

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Lion King: The Musical – Theatre Review

★★★★★ Playing at the Lyceum Theatre, Lion King has become a staple of the West End. Based on the Disney film, Lion King tells the story of a young lion destined to become King of Pride Rock, only to suffer a tragedy of the death of his father that forces him to flee. On the… Continue reading Lion King: The Musical – Theatre Review

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Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe – Theatre Review

★★ At the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton, there was a production of the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Story C.S. Lewis tells the story of four evacuees; Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy as they reside with a professor during war time. They come across an old wardrobe which transports them to the magical land… Continue reading Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe – Theatre Review

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The Girl On The Train – Theatre Review

★ Based on the novel by Paula Hawkins, Birmingham's Alexandra Theatre put on a performance of 'The Girl On The Train’ tells the story of Rachel Watson (played by Samantha Womack) who catches daily glimpses of life from her commutes on the train as she travels to London for work. After becoming an alcoholic and losing her job, Watson continues to… Continue reading The Girl On The Train – Theatre Review

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Sister Act The Musical – Theatre Review

★★ Based on the hit-film Sister Act in 1992 X-factor winner Alexandra Burke stars in the lead role as Disco Diva Deloris Van Cartier, who must hide in a convent after witnessing a mob murder. Struggling under the strict House rules of the Mother Superior, Deloris helps her fellow nuns to find their voices and… Continue reading Sister Act The Musical – Theatre Review

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Aladdin The Musical – Theatre Review

Star Rating: ⭐ The classic Disney animated film Aladdin came to stage production at the Prince Edward Theatre after success in America. Aladdin tells the classic tale of two people from differing backgrounds, falling in love, and having to overcome the obstacles keeping them apart. The street urchin Aladdin first falls for the Princess when… Continue reading Aladdin The Musical – Theatre Review

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Beauty & The Beast – Theatre Review

Star Rating    We all know the traditional story of Beauty & The Beast… An arrogant prince is cursed to live as a terrifying beast, he captures an unwary clockmaker and locks him up for trespassing in the castle, but then his bold and beautiful daughter Belle takes his place. Leaving her whole life behind,… Continue reading Beauty & The Beast – Theatre Review

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School of Rock The Musical – Theatre Review

Star Rating   School of Rock the musical was a well thought out interpretation of the story and was a hit on stage! Based on the 2003 film starring Jack Black, Andrew Lloyd Webber produced a Broadway it for the West End. Dewey Finn (David Fynn) leads a strong cast of child actors. First developed and premiered inNew… Continue reading School of Rock The Musical – Theatre Review

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The Nutcracker

This Christmas I went to watch Sir Peter Wright’s production of The Nutcracker performed by the Birmingham Royal Ballet at Birmingham Hippodrome. Everyone knows the story of The Nutcracker. It is Christmas eve and doctor Stahlbaum and his wife are doing a party. They have 2 children, Clara, a ballet student, and her younger brother… Continue reading The Nutcracker