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Creams, Broad Street, Birmingham -Restaurant Review

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Creams, Broad Street, Birmingham is my favourite ice cream parlour in the city. I had been here several times with the people I spend my days with, particularly my many personal assistants.

The man entrance into Creams was completely flat and it was easy for me in my electric wheelchair user to get into. Once inside, I was faced with the counter that was very tall. The counter had an open cabinet containing a wide selection of ice creams to choose from. The welcome house stand is very tall and I have to make sure to draw level with it to be able to be heard by that member of staff.

The colours and atmosphere were very vibrant and alive. Screens displayed the options of desserts and drinks costumers could enjoy. Music played subtly in the background, playing as background noise, so it kept the location alive and inviting to customers both inside and outside the location. I kept returning to the location for the desserts and drinks, yes, but also, I felt it was a great place to chat and chill with friends.

On my several visits to this ice cream parlour, I sat at many points at the parlour, but I found the parlour very tightly spaced for my wheelchair to move around, but that may be due to the size of my wheelchair, rather the parlour itself. Depending on the time of day I went, the accessibility and space are more restricted due to the number of customers in the location at one time.

‘Creams’ is accessible but the disabled toilet is of a standard size. The facility is the same size as many disabled toilets in public places. I am angry at this, it does not accommodate everyone with all disabilities, especially those who cannot transfer independently. Things need change, not only here, but in all restaurants and bars.

The tables and chairs a quiet closely positioned together and it takes me a while to navigate around them to get to my choice of table, but the parlour has complete flat access, which makes things much easier and I just have to concentrate to navigate myself around the parlour. More recently I have stuck to the same few tables as I find them the most accommodating. I also found the staff members very kind and friendly, they kept checking on us regularly to see if we needed anything.

Although I do struggle to get under the tables within the parlour as they all are of a low height, so I struggle to get underneath it. Despite the efforts of the kind members of staff moving chairs aside for me, I have to concentrate very hard to line up to it properly to be able to eat my dessert independently, straining my back in the process. Customers don’t get waited on at their tables, we have to order at the very large counter at the back of the venue. This is another time that I have to strain upwards to be heard over the very tall counter. This definitely needs to be looked at as it isn’t very well thought out, especially when the parlour is busy.

On the most recent of my visits, I went with a big group of my family members; my dad, my auntie, my uncle, my cousins and their children, our party took up an entire booth and I sat at the end of the very long table. I struggled at the angle of the table and I couldn’t fit under the table. But after a few attempts, I did get at a good enough angle to sit at the booth with my family. My auntie went to the counter and conveyed our mass order to the staff member behind the counter. There were many options to choose from, puddings, desserts and indulgences to suit any sweet tooth including creeps, waffles, cookie dough and sundaes and a whole range of milkshakes, a range of hot chocolates, flavours of J2Os and bottles of fizzy pop.

After considering all of the options that were available, we made an order of a totally minted sundae, Sticky Toffee Heaven & custard, two strawberry & white chocolate cookie dough, a bubblelicious, one cookie dough utopia, a chocolate indulgent waffle, one chocolate orange melt and a raspberry & white chocolate crepe. Out of this order, my choice was the raspberry & white chocolate crepe. It was absolutely delicious. All members of our party enjoyed their choice of desserts, but I focused on mine. The crepe was hot and freshly made with raspberry and white chocolate sauces drizzled all over it.  The crepe was warm and filling and delicious and this is why it is my ‘usual’ at Creams on BroadStreet in Birmingham.

More recently, the menu has expanded once again. The desserts continue to be delicious especially the hot & cold red velvet sundae.

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