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Lyceum Theatre London

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

The Lyceum Theatre in London hosts the theatre production of Disney’s, Lion King. It is probably one of my favourite performances that I’ve seen on stage. Booking your ticket can be challenging for anyone but as a disabled person, it can be even harder as these tickets are often limited in their availability and sell out quickly.  My father goes to the theatre in person to be able to secure disabled tickets as this has proven to be much more effective.

On the day of the performances, it is often busy around the time of entry. We are helped in avoiding the bulk of this by the staff who pointed us around the building to the side entrance. The overall accessibility of the theatre is good. The pathway between the side and main entrance is narrow but wheelchair users should be able to get down this. Once inside the main lobby it is important to be mindful of a large number of people in there and to take your time to manoeuvre around other people. I arrive there with plenty of time so you don’t feel rushed and have time to see what they have on sale in the lobby.

The disabled toilets within the theatre were very small, almost to the point of being inaccessible by my wheelchair. Both disabled toilets also lack a hoist and changing table so are not accessible to all disabled patrons. Personally, I would recommend knocking in the wall between these two toilets to recreate one larger facility that would be more accessible overall in future renovations of the theatre.

The staff members at the theatre were very kind, patient and helpful towards patrons during the visit. They are accessible before, after and during the performance to help with any needs you may have during your visit.

Wheelchair users have specific seats in the stalls at the back. The seats are at a decent level in which you can see the stage in full over the heads of other patrons. There is also enough room for wheelchair users to be able to sit in comfort during the performance and there are one or two seats for the people you are visiting with.

I will be returning to Lyceum Theatre London for the next performance of Disney’s The Lion King.  I would encourage other disabled individuals to also attend but please be mindful of the lacking toileting facilities in their establishment.

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