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Byron Burger, Southampton – Restaurant Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Byron’s Burger in Southampton is possibly one of the few that has remained open in the chain. The restaurant is located in one of the lines of newly refurbished shops surrounding Showcase Cinema which is just off West Quay Shopping Centre.

Getting inside the restaurant was okay. It was tight as the boards of neighbouring restaurants were close by. The doors needed to be pushed open, so I was grateful that I was with someone to do it for me. The doorway itself was wide enough with flat access underfoot. Within the restaurant, there was a standard size disabled toilet – which was expected but still disappointing and annoying. There were a few long rectangular tables with benches running either side but there were also several square tables. I could manoeuvre easily around the space although it was a little tight. The square table was low, and I had to tilt my wheelchair down so I could get underneath it. But it was great that I could, I could eat comfortably without a need of a tray.

The staff members here were good. Customer service skills were there, and all were very polite and happy. They spoke to me directly about my order which was a definite tick in my book. The atmosphere at the time was quiet with only a few people there at the time. It was good to have easy chat with the friends I was with. However, I’ve seen it be very busy and this is also a good atmosphere. It is a good place to come with family and friends.

I was impressed by the quality of the bacon cheeseburger. Taste and flavour were there with the slight downside of the bacon being a bit to fatty. The fries were good, thin, and crispy, seasoned well. I always enjoyed the milkshakes at Byron Burger. On the day, I had a vanilla milkshake, I wasn’t disappointed, pure, and rich, slightly sickly though. Byron Burger restaurant chain is slowly closing and I’m not sure how long this one will remain open, but I do recommend Byron Burger Southampton if you can go.

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