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Byron Burger, Southampton – Restaurant Review

ger in Southampton is possibly one of the few that has remained open in the chain. The restaurant is located in one of the lines of newly refurbished restaurants surrounding Showcase Cinema beside West Quay Shopping Centre.

Getting inside can be difficult depending on what was outside the doors. It’s difficult to weave around neighbouring restaurant menu boards. Access into the restaurant is a difficulty as the doors are push and pull only so I wouldn’t have managed them on my own. The doorway itself was wide enough with flat access underfoot. But the passage into the main restaurant was a bit tight to manoeuvre and can be worse depending on how busy it is. Within the restaurant, there was a standard size disabled toilet – which was expected but still disappointing and annoying. 

In the restaurant, there are several tables and chairs which can be tightly placed together meaning they are difficult to get around, so I just stuck to one walkway, careful to avoid anything sticking out. Dad and I were seated at a table that seemed to be right in the middle of the restaurant and thought I would be obstructing walkways because there were a lot of prams around us. I wasn’t entirely comfortable. 

The tables were too low for me to get fully underneath, I could get close but then use my tray to bridge the gap and the staff members were nice but a little condescending towards me which I found a little upsetting. The customer service has improved slightly during the meal and I was able to relax a little more.

Depending on the time of visit, it can be quiet or really hectic, but it is a really nice place to go out with friends. Just be aware the atmosphere is uncomfortable when hectic.

I loved the quality of the bacon cheeseburger; it was really nice. It wasn’t too overdone which is a risk for burgers. The bacon was a little fatty but crispy. The fries were thin and seasoned well. I enjoyed the milkshakes at Byron’s burger, tempted by the salted caramel milkshake but instead, I had the vanilla milkshake. Pure, thick, rich but slightly sickly. The salted caramel would be too much 

Byron Burger restaurant chain is slowly closing and I’m not sure how long this one will remain open, but I do recommend Byron Burger Southampton if you can go.

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