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BayLeaf Kitchen Southampton – Restaurant Review

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

BayLeaf Kitchen is a restaurant that my dad and I have always wanted to try, and we have now been there three times, twice for takeaways and once to dine in the actual restaurant. Getting into the restaurant was okay, there is a ramp up to the door and a slight lip to get through a thin door to get inside. There is no outside button to request assistance if you are in a wheelchair. If you have come to meet someone or dine alone this could be a bad thing, so just be aware of it. 

Inside, the restaurant seemed cramped. A number of tables were placed at the front of the restaurant and very close to the bar, so it was somewhat restricted. However, if you are able to get through the space in between the tables towards the back of the restaurant it opens up quite nicely and you may find it comfy back there. You just need to be conscious of peak times and if this will make it difficult.

On my one visit into the restaurant itself I have been unable to see an appropriate facility for disabled customers.

The bar within the restaurant is a standard height, but it is a decent height that I can near enough see over the top and I don’t think I would have to shout too loud if I was needed at any time.

My Dad and I found the staff members to be very helpful and very welcoming as they assisted us to get to the best table possible and to dine in peace without disrupting or being disrupted by fellow customers. They were also attentive coming to check on us throughout our meal to see if there’s anything they could to help with. The table we sat at wasn’t quite high enough for me to get my old chair underneath, but I was able to get close enough for me to be able to eat and drink without needing too much help from my dad.

The atmosphere at the restaurant is very lively, it is clear to see that it is a popular location. I think it’s a great place to go with a group of family or friends to enjoy a night out and a nice curry.

On our one visit we had poppadums’ and dips as well as a chicken jalfrezi and lamb tikka masala both with pilau rice. We both found our dishes very flavoured and tender with the right level of spice. I found my Coke very refreshing, but it was just a little bit flat. However, I did quite enjoy the lassie yoghurt drink and the sex on the beach cocktail that I had.

Enthusiastic about the food, our takeaways have also been to the same standard as when we dined in. 

I would highly recommend BayLeaf Kitchen to anyone who asks for a good Indian around Southampton and will return soon.

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