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Starbucks Marlands Southampton – Restaurant Review

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

Starbucks West Quay Southampton is a good coffee shop, but not one I would go to regularly. Starbucks West Quay Southampton is where I used to come all the time when I was attending University here. It was great to have a meeting with my classmates to discuss projects, or a chat with friends. On the times of my visits it didn’t get overcrowded, but it didn’t feel to soulless either, so it was a nice atmosphere just sit down and have a chat while having a hot or cold drink.

The location has a standard pull open door with no call button for assistance on the outside. This means there would be no way for me to get in independently. On previous visits I have always been with people to open the door for me or have been expected so people have known to look out for me. It does hamper the ability to pop in randomly however, as I am reliant on the helpfulness of strangers. Inside the space and accessibility is adequate. There is flat access everywhere in the location so I can get everywhere. There was enough space for me to move around but there are a lot of tables and chairs so it can be challenging depending how busy it is at the time of visit.  The counter is a decent height and I am able to see all of the items on sale as well as what’s on the menu boards behind them. This means I am able to speak independently to the member of staff manning the counter which is a definite upside. The space between the counter and the tables and chairs though can vary, and this may be the challenging part if these tables are occupied as I may not be able to fit through. 

Some of the tables within the location are not easy to get to because of the restricted space. I tend to go to the ones nearest the door because of this. The tables themselves are of a low height so I do struggle to get underneath them. However, I have the majority of my drinks in a to-go cup so I can lift and drink it independently instead of leaning over the table. For some wheelchair users this may be a problem, so I would recommend bringing your own tray otherwise. 

Though I haven’t had to use it myself, to my knowledge there is a standard sized disabled toilet.  This type of disabled toilet does not cater for all customers’ disabilities which is a downside. The cleanliness of these facilities may also be questionable as a lot of customers may misuse this facility as it does not have a radar lock. 

There are plenty of sandwiches available as well as cold bottled drinks but personally I don’t go for these. I have a muffin or choose to go straight for the hot chocolate. The hot chocolate is perfectly made, not sickly and definitely not watery. I like to have it with a shot of vanilla and whipped cream which just finishes it off perfectly. I do feel a bit sickly after I finish it, but this is why I prefer not to go for one of the cakes because I would rather have the hot chocolate. Staff members were nice, having good customer relation skills and providing good service.

I would recommend Starbucks West Quay Southampton for the odd hot chocolate but nothing else. 

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