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Coast To Coast, Highcross Leicester – Restaurant Review

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Coast To Coast, Leicester stands in a whole square of restaurants. The simple design of the inside and outside of Coast To Coast, Leicester is the same as all Coast To Coast restaurants. I managed to get inside with ease, however, there were two sets of doors which needed to be pulled open for me to be able to to get inside the restaurant. I would have struggled to do this on my own and probably would have turned away if I couldn’t have got any staff member’s attention. I think this needs to be looked at and considered, if automatic doors can’t be inserted, maybe a call button needs to be put on the outside so disabled people can call for assistance if they arrive alone.

On my most recent of visits, I was there with a friend and she pulled open the doors for me. Once inside, I was faced with a tall front of house stand. It was very wide and tall obstructing our path in, made all the more difficult by the number of customers surrounding the front of house stand. Easing myself around it, a kind staff member led us to our table. As we passed through towards our table. I saw a tall staircase to the left side of the restaurant, leading up to the men and women’s toilets. From what I could gather the disabled toilet was at the back of the restaurant. On one hand, I’m glad the disabled toilet was on the ground floor, but it was of standard size and I was very disappointed but resigned.

There was flat access within the restaurant, apart from the stairs. Though there was flat access around the restaurant, the space was tight due to the extent of tables and chairs within the restaurant and how they were positioned. Navigating through to our table was slightly more difficult made by the numbers of customers in the restaurant at the time of our table. I was lucky that the staff members were kind and helped me get through and that customers were kind enough to comply when asked to move aside.

As I lined up to our table, I turned my attention to the bar at the very back of the restaurant. It stretched across the whole of the space and it was very tall, the staff members peered over the bar awaiting customers. I was lucky enough that Coast To Coast operated on table service, I could have not placed my order at the bar. Turning back to our table, I saw it was of a low height, not as low as other restaurants I’ve been into, but still, it was quite low. Tilting my chair down, I was able to get close enough to the table to be able to manage to eat and drink properly.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was very busy due to the hour. There was constant activity from both the customers and the staff but neither affected our dining experience. I enjoyed it, it added to the feel of the place and helped keep it alive.

I found the staff members who waited on us very kind, friendly and attentive, checking whether we needed any further assistance with my wheelchair. Throughout our visit, they also kept returning to our table to see if we were happy with everything or needed anything more. The food and drink my friend and I ordered was two Sex on the Beach cocktails which tasted just the same as always, the right level of ingredients and the alcohol not being too overpowering compared to others I have had elsewhere. We both had New York chicken melts, I had mine with normal fries and my friend had hers with dirty fries, your beloved fries with extra toppings on them. I enjoyed my choice of meal, I felt it was the right combination of flavours and tastes from the chicken, the cheese and the bacon and the fries were pretty good too. My friend enjoyed her meal, particularly the dirty fries, but felt her New York chicken melt had to much cheese for her liking. After our food, my friend enjoyed ice tea, which she very much enjoyed. I chose to have a vanilla milkshake and my friend had a bubble daiq cocktail at the same time. She enjoyed the bubble daiq cocktail, it was a great level of ingredients and very strong alcohol within it, which she liked better than if it had a little alcohol in it. I loved the taste of my vanilla milkshake, it was thick and creamy, I am so glad I chose to have it. To finish off this meal I had a vanilla cheesecake for dessert. I am very fussy when it comes to such a dessert, it has to be the right balance of vanilla cream cheese for the topping and a thick crum base, but not overpowering each other. This particular cheesecake was nice enough, but nothing special.

I definitely enjoyed my visit to Coast To Coast, Leicester and returned a few weeks after my visit. This time I went to the restaurant with a different friend and the experience was the same but we had different food and drink which we both really enjoyed. First, we both enjoyed to sex on the beach cocktails, which was how I just remembered from my last visit, There was the right level of ingredients within the cocktail and the alcohol wasn’t too overpowering. After the cocktail, I had a coke which I found very fizzy and cold which really did quench my first throughout the meal. My friend chose to have a rack of ribs with fries.

Naturally, it was a very large portion of ribs but they were each very meaty and tasty. The fries were freshly cooked and a good accompaniment for the meal. The menu had many choices for me but I decided to go for a fish and chips. I was pleasantly surprised by this meal, I feared because it was an American restaurant the fish and chips wouldn’t be of good quality. I really preferred the choice of fries over chunky chips and these were really tasty, not too soggy or too overdone. The portion of fries was lightly crispy and salty just to my liking. The fish was my favourite part of the meal. It was freshly cooked and it just pulled out of the batter with ease and the batter surrounding it was lightly seasoned and wasn’t soggy or moist in the taste. This fish and chips were very very nice and I will have it again when I return to Coast To Coast, Leicester.

The dessert we chose at the end of this meal was too oreo cookie cheesecakes. In comparison to the vanilla cheesecake I had on my last visit, the oreo cheesecake was much better. I found that there were the right level of cream cheese and oreo cookie pieces within the desert and of course there was the thick cookie crumb base which I loved.

My two experiences at Coast to Coast, Leicester was a positive one and I will be returning there soon!

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