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Genting Casino, Edgbaston – Restaurant Review

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The Genting Casino, Edgbaston has ramp access to the first set of double doors into Genting Casino, Edgbaston. A member of staff has to come and let the customers in these first set of doors and customers have to wait for those first set of doors to close before the second set open to admit us into the main casino. The access into the lobby in which you have to display your membership card or ID before going into the main casino is flat and I can get around it. But I cannot hand in my membership card all show my ID to the member of staff behind the desk as the desk is very tall and hard for me to see over to be able to show them. Instead, I have to hand my ID and my membership card to whoever accompanies me to the casino for them to show the member of staff behind the counter.

Gaining access to the casino I am able to get inside and get around it, although I have to be careful when I manoeuvre around the different tables which make up the majority of the casino itself. The casino is split into three sections; the casino itself, the casino bar area and finally the restaurant that belongs to the casino. It is all flat access it just takes me time to navigate around all of it as there are a lot of tables and chairs and different counters around the casino. At the back of the casino sits the toilets including the disabled toilet witches of a standard size and only accommodate a certain number of disabilities which is very disappointing.

On my view visits to this casino, I have eaten in the bar area and the restaurant area of the location and both have the same review from me. All of the tables are of a low height and are very close to each other which makes it difficult to be able to get close enough to enjoy the food. This isn’t helped by the number of chairs that are positioned around each table and by how busy the casino can get especially when they are playing football games on TV. The bar is of regular height that I have come to expect from other restaurants and locations of this kind and I have to get someone else to place my order at the bar which doesn’t allow me to be very independent. I would say that the staff that work on the bar area kind and polite but nothing special, the members of staff who work behind the bar very kind and pleasant to me which I really appreciate it especially as I can order at the bar. The members of staff in the restaurant area how much better in their people skills and the pleasantries as well as serving correctly.

The Genting Casino, Edgbaston is always very busy, especially during football matches, people always come to watch the football which is on at the casino. When football matches are playing on the big screens, costumes take up the majority of the bar area. There is a small menu of bar snacks which people can have. The menu does have a good selection which customers can choose from, but the few dishes I’ve had aren’t of good quality and I really didn’t enjoy them. I would say the best dish I had in the bar was a fish finger sandwich with tartar sauce and even this wasn’t great. The restaurant within the casino has a different ambience than that in the bar ear, it is similar to that of a normal restaurant and you can definitely see the improvement in food. I very much enjoyed the steak and fries that I had in the restaurant.

Genting Casino, Edgbaston isn’t fantastic, it is a good place, but I wouldn’t go there out of choice again.

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