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Matilda The Musical Theatre Review

Star Rating:⭐


Roald Dahl’s beloved childhood story comes to life on stage to be enjoyed by the whole family.

As we all know from the much-loved book, Matilda is a young, highly spirited girl, who loves to read.

Matilda hasn’t a happy life, Matilda’s parents think she is a nuisance and pay all of their attention to their older son, Michael.

Matilda’s parents are unaware how smart and gifted she is, her parents are narrowed minded, nothing exists in their world, other than their son Michael and their television set.

Matilda grows, she is fascinated by the world of books and hopes one day to go to school and make friends, after being isolated and mistreated her entire life.

When her father finally agrees, she is delighted as she has always wanted to make friends and to lean.

Unfortunately, she soon discovers that life isn’t much better at school, under the thumb of the monstrous headmistress Miss Trunchbull. A horrible headmistress who terrifies students and teachers alike.


One day, Matilda upset by the treatment she receives from her parents and headmistress and discovers that she has a very special power.

On mastering her powers, she decided that it time that these grown-ups needed to be taught a lesson.

Matilda the Musical is a captivating new musical masterpiece, which is inspired by the twisted genius of Roald Dahl and original songs by comedian, Tim Minchen.

The musical revels the elements of childhood and the power of imagination as it tells an inspiring story of a girl who dares to challenge her destiny.

Matilda the musical London cast includes Lily-Mae Evans, Emma Moore, Kitty Peterkin and Savannah Read and David Shannon sharing the role of Miss Trunchbull.

Gina Beck as Miss Honey. Marianne Benedict as Mrs. Wormwood and Tom Edden as Mr. Wormwood.

Matilda the musical had already been the winner of more than 85 international awards. These awards including 16 awards for best musical.

More and more people come to see the London show and there’s standing ovations after each performance from day one as it continues to captivate minds and delight audiences of all ages.

My personal opinion on this stage performance is it truly captures the essence of the   story and provides new depth to the story and characters that I haven’t seen before.

I did enjoy it for the story and I did like the style of the characters, but for the production itself, I wasn’t to impressed.

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