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Bomb Shell & What Next?

The tutor felt the only option was to look to study for another course but the same university. I was devastated.

A day or so before the course finished for the year, my mom and I was invited to come in and speak to the module leader about some of the practical challenges I had been facing.

I discussed with her how worried I was and which aspects of the course I found a problem. I explained the level of assistance that I required which I felt hadn’t been met. Sadly this wasn’t met with the type of reaction I had hoped for.

The tutor thought I needed more help than I actually did. She thought I meant I was going to sit back while the PA did all the work but that is not what I meant.

The support I needed and requested was to have someone become ‘my hands’ so to speak. I tell them what I wanted them to do and they do they physically do it for me. However hard I tried to explain that this, my tutor didn’t comprehend what I wanted and needed.

The tutor felt the only option was to look to study for another course but the same university. I was devastated. What was happening? All that time and effort seemed wasted.

Time to rethink!

Shortly after I came home for the summer, I received my results showing that I’d officially passed my academic year at Southampton Solent University.

Having read my results, I received a phone call from the university telling me I could come back and join the second year of Media Culture & Production course if I wanted to.

After an exhausting year full of work stress and drama, I had a lot to think about and a lot of unanswered questions after everything that happened.

I decided to take a step back try see things more clearly, to view everything from a wider prospective.

In doing this, I accepted that I had some big decisions…

After everything that happened in Southampton and the difficulties of living away from home, I decided not to join the second year of the Media Culture & Production course or study any other course at Southampton Solent University.

After much thought, I decided to take a gap year. In this year, I would reflect on my year at Southampton to be able to move forward.  After this gap year, I will decide what I would do next in the academic year of 2016/17.

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