Cerebral Palsy Changing Temperatures

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Little Sea Bear

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One thing I have noticed over the years is that as someone with Cerebral Palsy, I don’t do well in heat. And I suffer in cold.

My type of Cerebral Palsy is know as Right Hemiplegia. This means that my right side is affected and is prone to ache at random times in my life for unknown periods of time (I’ve had pain for three weeks at the time I am writing this post). However, it differs on the temperature front too.

This post is my experience with the changing temperatures with the seasons. Something I have not really seen talk about much in terms of disability.

Along with seasons, I would like to talk about my experience with temperature testing. Like you would do for a bath.

My CP and The Season

I’m quite lucky in one respect. I’m european, not only that…

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