Disability, My Life

Taxi Trauma Coventry

I’ve been at Coventry University for about 6 to 7 months now and despite COVID-19 I have had a really fun time! One thing I haven’t mentioned about the taxis in Coventry. To be expected most taxi drivers are apprehensive to take me or are rude and pass me down the taxi rank line.  Some of them have displayed exemptions to taking disabled people, I’m not sure if this is a legitimate policy. However, there are some drivers that have been kind and respectful to accept me and my PA.

One day after uni, I was walking to the station to come home when my chair ran out of battery. The taxi company that I originally used, Sky Taxis, failed to understand my situation and 2 drivers refused me. When you call a taxi company, you are speaking to someone in an office who may not understand your experiences or needs. In this case, they insisted that I used a taxi from the rank, but I knew this would be futile. Me and my PA were waiting for over 15 minutes and had missed a train. While we were waiting, another taxi driver kindly offered a ride.

The moment we got into the taxi, a third Sky Taxi turned up, angry at us and the driver. We had every right to deny their service, especially since he was being very rude about the situation. I felt quite vulnerable and I do not think my chair would hold up to get in and out of a taxi again. The driver that offered to take us was very kind and respectful and said if we ever needed his service, he would be more than happy to take us, whether the journey was big or small. After a hard day, I was relieved that I was able to make it home.

I will not be using this company in the future and I recommend you don’t either.

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