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All My Life (2020) – Guest Film Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

All My Life is a new romantic film, featuring a true story of Solomon ‘Sol’ Chau (Harry Shum Jr.) and his soulmate Jennifer Carter. (Jessica Rothe) It is directed by Mark Meyers. The film is acted wonderfully and shows how relationships can be incredibly imperfect and complicated, especially when health and work issues arise.

The story unfolds as Sol and Jennifer cross paths spontaneously in a bar and instantly fall in love with each other. The characters of Sol and Jennifer are inherently opposites, but they create a well-rounded couple. Sol is the more pragmatic and logical partner in the relationship, whilst Jennifer is carefree and encourages Sol to take risks, to live a happier and fulfilling life. Sol, as we discover, is a talented cook yet works a boring office job. Whilst money is tight for both of them, Sol eventually becomes a chef, through a connection of Jennifer’s friends. Jennifer encourages Sol to move into her apartment, even though she can barely afford it as a postgrad student.

As the connection between Sol and Jennifer gets stronger, Sol plans a proposal to Jennifer. What really warmed my heart about this film is the power of friendship. The friendships that Sol and Jennifer share show how generous and supportive friends can be. Sol proposes with the help of his friends and Jennifer accepts.

Whilst planning the details of their wedding, Sol begins experiencing discomfort in his stomach and faints. Jennifer rushes him to the hospital where they discover Sol has liver cancer. He undergoes a surgery, and everything looks up temporarily. Eventually the cancer comes back, this time more aggressively. The stress Sol experiences from his new job as chef is exacerbated by the cancer symptoms. At one point, Sol loses hope in the treatment and argues with Jennifer about giving up. The wedding is also postponed, until Sol and Jennifer’s friends begin a fundraising campaign for the wedding. They succeed in raising $20,000 for a modest, yet memorable wedding which ends in Sol and Jennifer getting soaked in a fountain. 

Unfortunately, Sol eventually passes, and Jennifer is left to learn how to love her life again, with the loss of Sol. What I enjoyed about this film is Jennifer’s optimism. She carries Sol wherever she is, even though physically he may not be there. Jennifer ends the film with a monologue of how we should live in the moment more and not wait for the future to come. It is a really positive message to a heart-breaking story and one we should not take for granted. 

Eleni Cola – Guest Film Review

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