Day 21 Nanowrimo badge
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Participating in Nanowrimo – End of Day 21 results!

Day 21 Nanowrimo badge

As I said in my last, Nanowrimo post, this is the first time I am participating. I’m a little behind at the minute, but I have caught up a lot since my I last showed you my stat count! Also, Shannon and I have entered into a race to see who gets to the 50,000 first.

How is the project going – Day 21

On day 13, I was 5000 words behind the goal count. It looked like I’d never catch up. 50,000 words is a big target and when you’re 5,000 short it can be daunting, but I have cracked on!

Day 21 ends with me being on 34,000 words, just 1007 words shy of the target. So in one week, I have wrote just under 4000 words more than average. I’m getting there!!! Just need to write 1000 above the target once more and I’m there!

Nanowrimo stats day 22
Total Words: 34,178; Remaining words needed today: 1600; Words written today: 178; Day 22
Nanowrimo daily count
Daily word count stat

My highest until this week was day 13, just shy of the 3k mark. Now my highest word count is day 16 at around 3,500 words! Wooo!

About the Project

I am currently developing the love interests in my story. I have been struggling to build a connection between the love interests and my protagonist, Nancy, but I think I have managed to work my way through it now!

Leon and Horos both have feelings for Nancy, but only Leon starts off as generally caring about her welfare, while Horos originally became close to keep an eye on her as part of his mission. However, Horos is not the only one with a secret 😉

Extract Treat

The room inside resembled a miniature library, existing in the 21st century; electronic devices resembling computers were on built in desks with high-backed cushioned half circular chairs took up a quarter of the room. Next to these, the remainder of the room were filled with large circular tables surrounded by six chairs each which were currently littered with brightly coloured notices and posters. Finally, there were four wide plasma screen televisions on the walls of the room.
“Sit at this Adation,” said Horos. I sat down and shifted my chair closer to one of the computer-like devices, Horos glanced over his shoulder before tapping on the screen, scanning his card through a slot on the monitor and hastily keying in a long stream of numbers.
I felt Horos relax slightly beside me as the monitor lit up and flashed the words ‘earth server’. These words disappeared and in its place was a standard desktop with all of the appropriate icons.
“Try and be quick and wipe the history when you have finished,” said Horos, his fingers hesitating over my shoulder.
I felt static electricity pulse between us before he turned and left the room. I tapped on the internet icon before my fingers flew over the keyboard and accessing my emails. I already had a long string of unopened emails from each of my human friends, getting more frantic by the hour…

In Middle Earth

Racing Shannon

Shannon and I have entered into a NaNoWriMo race to see who can get to their 50,000 first! So how is it going?

I went on to Shannon’s profile this morning to have a look and so far, I’m in the lead by 170 words! It’s neck and neck! Although, I think now that Graduation is out of the way, Shannon will be picking up speed. She’s already wrote 400 today. I need to widen that gap!

Who will win? We’ll see :p

nanowrimo Sophie's project
My project at 34,178 words
Nanowrimo Shannon's project
Shannon’s Project at 34,008 words

Curious about the project or the race?

If you’re curious about my project or want to know more about the race between me and Shannon, do feel free to ask me questions about my project in the comments below and follow our blogs!

4 thoughts on “Participating in Nanowrimo – End of Day 21 results!”

  1. Ahhhh I was 1000 words ahead on Wednesday, yesterday I fell behind. Today I got ahead again. Just checked your profile and you’re sooooo close to me again!

    This is going to be one tight race!


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