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The Prospect of Becoming a Professional Writer

I cannot believe it. I have finished my first year on my MA course at Coventry University. Three semesters made up this year; Genre Fiction, the Novel and the Creative Non-Fiction and Working as a Professional Writer.

The third semester was possibly the hardest and daunting yet. I knew there would be a module with emphasis on the professional side of the industry which I looked forward to.

Becoming a professional writer is something we all want to do, whichever path we take into the industry. My eyes were opened to the different avenues we could take as professional writers and the amount of soul searching we have to do to get there. There is a lot more to do than I thought, so I came out of dreamland pretty quickly.

As usual, the tutors on the course were supportive but did not sugarcoat anything. It will take too long for me to detail exactly what each week covered but it ranged from different paths we could go down as a writer, social media presence, potential submission opportunities with a look into submitting to an agent or publisher. Very intense but informative.

Our career prospects essay was difficult as I sometimes struggle to reflect on the degree the MA needed me to for the purposes of the essay. I enjoyed creating my online portfolio which contained my published works, my current projects and Creative Fragments of some of my short stories. I could see myself online and it gave me a boost of confidence to go forth into my career as a writer and produce more prose and short stories. 

I am pleased to say that I have passed my last two assignments for the whole year so it’s on to next year. Unfortunately, a lot of my friends on my course have finished this year having done it full time and who I will miss greatly.

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