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What is Next For Me?

Nearly half a year after graduating from De Montfort University, I have and still miss the University a lot; the classes, the lecturers, my friends, the societies, the opportunities, everything. Without the risk of sounding too cheesy, I will cherish the memories. I continuously get asked what I’m going to do for a job and what my plans are for the future and my go-to answer is what I’m telling you now. I have been through enough that should have broken me in the past few years and I need to look after myself for a while; my physical and mental health must take priority. I have many side projects on the back burner and it may be time to pursue these and who knows, this may mean recapturing an older version of myself in order to move forward. Slowly, I will build myself up again and let my life take the path it is meant to take…

Having worked on and published my first book as part of my course at university it has encouraged me to dust off the first novel that I started to work on when I was younger. I can use what I have learnt at university to redraft and make this version better and start working towards the professional standards it needs to be. It is a fantasy fiction novel about a sixteen-year-old girl who discovers she is a magical being whose planet was destroyed when she was a baby. The story explores how she must learn how to harness her new-found abilities if she hopes to find her birth family and her people.

I also have an active blog that I wish to continue and update with new material regularly. I wish to continue covering the variety of subjects that it already does and listen to my readers to see what they would like to see more of.

Another plan I have is to build up a general portfolio of various other short stories and novellas. I want to try my hand at script-writing which will hopefully help me become a better writer with a stronger knowledge and experience of the industry I hope to find myself in, in the future.

More than anything  I want to try and become more of the person I was before university. I was easier going and fun not thinking too much into things or thinking too man steps ahead. I think this caused me to lose sight of why I got into writing in the first place.  If I manage to do this and build up a suitable portfolio of fiction pieces perhaps I will return to do a master’s next year.

Here’s to whatever happens next.

Employment Fears

I’m 22 now and I am half-way through my masters. This is great and I am really looking forward to this but with my Masters being a one year course, there is something else that I need to think about. 22 more words

via Bearing Disability: Employment Fears — Little Sea Bear

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