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The battle of securing my new wheelchair seating — Rock For Disability

A year ago I was assessed for a new wheelchair. The assessment was done by Milbrook wheelchair services who are based in Chandlers Ford and cover Hampshire and surrounding areas . It was concluded that my base, motor and electrics were fine to be used but I would need new seating. So the ocupational therapist…… via… Continue reading The battle of securing my new wheelchair seating — Rock For Disability

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Tills Vs Wheelchair – Little Sea Bear

Hi guys, It's Shannon from Little Sea Bear.  My friend, Sophie, asked me to write this awhile ago and I nearly forgot but thankfully, as I sat here, trying to think what to write, spoke to dad about it and asked online, Sophie's request shot back to mind. Sophie and I decided it should be… Continue reading Tills Vs Wheelchair – Little Sea Bear

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Taxi For A Wheelchair User?

Why can't ever catching a taxi be simple! Sometimes, It’s nice to get out the house, go out, meet a couple of friends and have a drink or two. But, it’s not always easy if you are disabled. Especially if part of your disability includes the use of a wheelchair. Since I can remember, I… Continue reading Taxi For A Wheelchair User?

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Birmingham PHAB Camps

Birmingham PHAB Camps are a small, voluntary organisation, which aims to encourage the integration of disabled and able-bodied children and young people. This post talks about a local charity that has been a fundamental help and benefit to me. Birmingham PHAB Camps, created in the 1960s when it was still ok to say Physically Handicapped,… Continue reading Birmingham PHAB Camps

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Movers and Shakers

Having similar disabilities to these friends allowed me to relax a little more and be a different person. I could relate to them in a way that I wasn't able to from my friends from school. In my last post, I talked about an after school group I joined on Tuesdays once I realised that… Continue reading Movers and Shakers