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Disabled Travel and Adventures in Torrox Costa

There's a number of restrictions that face not only wheelchair users but the disabled community as a whole and some we can overcome but others, unfortunately, we can't and we have to adjust and make the most of what opportunities we are given. I don't know if I'm the only one but due to my… Continue reading Disabled Travel and Adventures in Torrox Costa

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Bearing Disability Transport — Little Sea Bear

The Problems with Public Transport. Personally, I try and avoid public transport if I can help it. You never know what you are going to get from one minute to the next. At least—you don’t if you live in the United Kingdom. So far, I have travelled to Amsterdam and New York. I used their […]… Continue reading Bearing Disability Transport — Little Sea Bear

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Going Abroad To Spain With A Disability

In recent years we have decided to holiday many times in Spain, during the summer. Now, I regularly get asked a question after I tell people we are going to Spain again. You've already been there, why go again? Unfortunately, there are very limited locations which have disability access and awareness in the country which… Continue reading Going Abroad To Spain With A Disability

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Airport Apprehensions

I don't travel abroad very often but when I do every trip is unique. There is always something that causes our tempers or emotions rise. Though our previous trips always encourage us to preplan to avoid any difficulties, we never get it totally right. Before our holiday to Spain this year, we organised our flights,… Continue reading Airport Apprehensions

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Disability Education – Cross-Country Trains

Ignorance and unacceptable attitudes of taxis drivers, extends into the cross-country train service and their customers. Having travelled to and from Southampton several times for university, I have realised there are a few problems with the Cross-Country train service. The first issue I noticed was with the assisted travel service at the stations.  Those who are disabled or have… Continue reading Disability Education – Cross-Country Trains

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Disability Education – Taxis

Vne thing that I struggle to do is journey out in public due to the distances I have to travel.  To get to a destination and because of having limited access to my adapted vehicle I rely on taxi services to get me to and from places. I have become a regular with my local taxi… Continue reading Disability Education – Taxis

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The Flights Home

We regretfully packed up and headed to Orlando International airport for the journey home.    Returning the adapted vehicle and checking in we spoke to assistants about boarding the plane. Going through security, we and our bags were checked over using the same process as before.  Continuing to find this annoying, I reassured myself that this was probably… Continue reading The Flights Home

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Diagon Ally VS. Hogsmeade Village – The Return

After we spent at a week in Palm Beach, resting and recuperating, we travelled back to Orlando ready for our flight home the next day.    We stayed in ‘Staybridge Suites’. In our suite we had a big bedroom and a lounge area with a sofa bed, a TV, a counter with a mini kitchen. On the morning of… Continue reading Diagon Ally VS. Hogsmeade Village – The Return