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Taxi For A Wheelchair User?

Why can't ever catching a taxi be simple! Sometimes, It’s nice to get out the house, go out, meet a couple of friends and have a drink or two. But, it’s not always easy if you are disabled. Especially if part of your disability includes the use of a wheelchair. Since I can remember, I… Continue reading Taxi For A Wheelchair User?

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Birmingham City Council – Follow Up

Following the incident and hearing outside Birmingham New Street, I decided to write a feature on it as a piece of my coursework and this is what I found out. The incident with the taxi driver outside Birmingham New Street station and the hearing which followed this, made me eager and passionate about the attitudes… Continue reading Birmingham City Council – Follow Up

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Birmingham City Council Taxis – The Hearing

It was time for me to make a stand and I was impressed on how fast Birmingham City Council responded and how seriously they took my complaint. After the incident with the driver, outside Birmingham New Street station, I felt terrible and sad, and just wanted to let it go and move on. However, I… Continue reading Birmingham City Council Taxis – The Hearing

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Birmingham City Council Taxis – The Incident

I have had many issues with taxi drivers, but this was something else entirely. Earlier this year, in May, on a Friday evening when Kate was still assisting me in my first year of university, I emerged out of Birmingham New Street station after travelling back from Leicester. Coming out of the station, Kate and… Continue reading Birmingham City Council Taxis – The Incident

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Disability Education – Cross-Country Trains

Ignorance and unacceptable attitudes of taxis drivers, extends into the cross-country train service and their customers. Having travelled to and from Southampton several times for university, I have realised there are a few problems with the Cross-Country train service. The first issue I noticed was with the assisted travel service at the stations.  Those who are disabled or have… Continue reading Disability Education – Cross-Country Trains

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Disability Education – Taxis

Vne thing that I struggle to do is journey out in public due to the distances I have to travel.  To get to a destination and because of having limited access to my adapted vehicle I rely on taxi services to get me to and from places. I have become a regular with my local taxi… Continue reading Disability Education – Taxis

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Public Transportation For Wheelchair Users

The fact that I struggled to get around during freshers fortnight at Southampton Solent University got me to thinking in regards to transport as a whole. Being an electric wheelchair user has always been a challenge when trying to get from place to place. Whilst I don't mind spending time at home, I also love… Continue reading Public Transportation For Wheelchair Users

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Independence On Wheels

When I chose Southampton I knew I’d have to be more confident and independent in many ways. This included living away from home, dealing with bills and my own cooking and cleaning, I also had to debate whether I had enough confidence to catch the train on my own to travel backwards and forwards from home… Continue reading Independence On Wheels

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Freshers Fortnight 2014

When people talk about university the first thing they mention is the Freshers week. At Solent it was Freshers Fortnight which meant two weeks of late-nights, parties, alcohol, nightclubs and bars but best of all the Freshers Ball. Prior to starting uni I purchased an AAA band, one for my PA and one for myself. The… Continue reading Freshers Fortnight 2014