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Society19 Blogging

As the time to go to university approached, I started to research opportunities and vacancies in Leicester, in which I could do beside my course to build my experience and CV. It is also be a great way to form friendship groups other than I would at De Montfort University. By researching, I came across various opportunities that… Continue reading Society19 Blogging

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Final Decision

After receiving offers from all of my chosen universities, I had to make a very tough decision. To help me with this decision I made a list of the positives and negatives of each choice. First of all I thought about the unconditional offers I received from De Montfort University and Birmingham City University. After loving the… Continue reading Final Decision

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University Requests

Having been to all of the open days, I anxiously awaited correspondence from all the universities I applied too. Having this new outlook on university and considering everything I saw on the open days, I decided to apply to Birmingham City University - Media & Communications Radio, Newman University Birmingham - Creative Writing, De Montfort University Leicester… Continue reading University Requests

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University Accommodation – De Montfort University

De Montfort University is one hour from Birmingham, so I’d be living away from home, but I could come home every weekend and sometimes during the week depending on my timetable. The main accommodation was split into two areas; there was a main lobby where the management office was and their front desk. There is also… Continue reading University Accommodation – De Montfort University

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University Accommodation – Newman University

Since Newman University was a short distance from the house I decided, just out of curiosity to view the accommodation there. I was nervous and anxious, however I found comfort in the knowledge that home was up the road. The accommodation was on the campus, only feet away from the university. This will help out if I had a long day… Continue reading University Accommodation – Newman University

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University Accommodation – Birmingham City University

When I originally applied to Birmingham City University (BCU), I looked into living away from home. Unfortunately the only adapted accommodation available was based in Perry Barr, which was a fair distance from Millennium Point where I’d be studying my chosen course, Media and Communications. This would be difficult, as I would have to travel back… Continue reading University Accommodation – Birmingham City University

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De Montfort University Leicester

After relentless searching, I found a Creative Writing course at De Montfort University. Reading further into the course, I discovered that the course is offered as joint honours, combining with journalism   Searching online for creative writing courses proved to be very hard. There were only a small number of them that I could find,… Continue reading De Montfort University Leicester

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Newman University Birmingham

After establishing that I wanted to do creative writing as a degree, I researched courses in my local area. One that caught my eye was Newman University in Birmingham.   Newman University seemed to be the only university I could find who offered the course as a single honors degree. I found this very appealing.… Continue reading Newman University Birmingham

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Preparing For University 2016

Since I was young I have had a passion for Creative Writing. I always wanted to pursue a career, but never had the courage to do so. When I originally applied on the creative writing courses I didn’t think my writing was strong enough to study at degree level. Eager to pursue this change of pathway,… Continue reading Preparing For University 2016