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Moving To Leicester

Admittedly when the time got closer and I began to pack, I started to become really nervous but I gritted my teeth and pushed my fears down to do with later on. When packing was done (I never realised I had so much stuff) I set my eyes on planning "FreshersFest16." Purchasing a "FreshersFest16" wristband,… Continue reading Moving To Leicester

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Living In Halls of Residence

A big worry when I moved into halls in Southampton was the nights. I was worried about not being able to sleep because of the different surroundings, the change of bed and the lack of home comforts. The trouble with me is once I get a thought, particularly a fearful one in my head, it’s… Continue reading Living In Halls of Residence

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Being Stressed At University

Living in close proximity with other students for long periods of time provided its challenges. At the end of October, beginning of November I was feeling overwhelmed with the amount of projects that were due in. How could so much be achieved in such a small amount of time with each deadline really close to… Continue reading Being Stressed At University