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My Experience with Birmingham PHAB Camps

I appreciate that I have spoken about my experience many times in previous blog posts, but I need to express that it was such a big part of my life, I need to continue to keep those memories alive. I have been a participant Birmingham PHAB Camps since I was eight, first as a camper, now… Continue reading My Experience with Birmingham PHAB Camps

Disability, My Life

Birmingham PHAB Camps

Birmingham PHAB Camps are a small, voluntary organisation, which aims to encourage the integration of disabled and able-bodied children and young people. This post talks about a local charity that has been a fundamental help and benefit to me. Birmingham PHAB Camps, created in the 1960s when it was still ok to say Physically Handicapped,… Continue reading Birmingham PHAB Camps

Wheelchair with sport items
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Movers and Shakers

Having similar disabilities to these friends allowed me to relax a little more and be a different person. I could relate to them in a way that I wasn't able to from my friends from school. In my last post, I talked about an after school group I joined on Tuesdays once I realised that… Continue reading Movers and Shakers