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The Search For The New Team

Once again, I started searching for two new PAs to help me in my second year at university.   The beginning of 2018 started out with a great deal of stress due to both my PAs’ handing in their notices. The little notice received meant that my family and I barely had time to find… Continue reading The Search For The New Team

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The First Change of The Year

This year consists of many new starts now and which are to come. One of which is the different PA’s and carers, who will support me through my second year at De Montfort University. First, we established who we were looking for and for which roles. My previous PA decided not to return to assist… Continue reading The First Change of The Year

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Mediation At University 2014

A few days after my PA/carer walked out, I received a knock on the door from my halls manager who explained it had come to a point where a mediation meeting had to be called. I was asked to give a statement on what had happened over the last few weeks and why. In my… Continue reading Mediation At University 2014

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Crossed Boundary Lines

Throughout the whole drama, I became very close with one particular girl; let's call her Lucy, who happened to be on the receiving end of most of the drama from the others. My PA/carers relationship became ever more strained, she continued to refuse to let me out claiming, “the distance was too far to go… Continue reading Crossed Boundary Lines

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Being Stressed At University

Living in close proximity with other students for long periods of time provided its challenges. At the end of October, beginning of November I was feeling overwhelmed with the amount of projects that were due in. How could so much be achieved in such a small amount of time with each deadline really close to… Continue reading Being Stressed At University

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Leaving Home For University 2014

During the whole university process, I felt surprisingly calm that I was moving to Southampton to go to university and moving away from home. I was sure that this is what I wanted. As the time to begin university approached, I began to feel really anxious about the amount of changes this meant for me.… Continue reading Leaving Home For University 2014

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Preparation For University 2014

With September approaching ever nearer, we travelled to Southampton many times to make sure everything was in place. This was a very important time and a lot of preparation was required to put everything into place. We needed to give ourselves plenty of time and opportunity to make sure everything was arranged. As I required… Continue reading Preparation For University 2014