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The Flights Home

We regretfully packed up and headed to Orlando International airport for the journey home.    Returning the adapted vehicle and checking in we spoke to assistants about boarding the plane. Going through security, we and our bags were checked over using the same process as before.  Continuing to find this annoying, I reassured myself that this was probably… Continue reading The Flights Home

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New York – Hunger Games Exhibition

When researching attractions and monuments and things to do in New York I came across the New York – Hunger Games Exhibition located in Times Square  Having read and watched all of the Hunger Games I was eager to go. I read reviews and watched videos of the exhibition. Excited, I persuaded my parents to… Continue reading New York – Hunger Games Exhibition

Disability, My Life, Travel

Flight – Birmingham to New York City

The morning of our flight to New York, we had to get up at 5am. We had a taxi waiting outside our house to take us to Birmingham Airport. Rushing to get our luggage together, we doubled checked we had everything for our holidays. Excited for the holiday, I made sure I had my hand… Continue reading Flight – Birmingham to New York City