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Mainstream vs Specialists Education

I have been having this discussion my whole life – now I have someone else’s opinion 🙂

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Hi all, this is a guest post written by Emma who has her own blog, Rock for Disability. A blogger who is interested in anything music, creative arts or disability-related.

Emma has kindly agreed to guest post on Little Sea Bear.

Today, she will be discussing her experience in both Mainstream vs Specialists Education.

Mainstream vs Specialists Education

By Emma

Growing up, I’ve experienced both mainstream and specialist schools and both had their positives and negatives.

I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at 13 months old. At that stage, there was no way of knowing the severity of my disability. Therefore we did not know how capable I’d be to read, write and communicate. I first went to a pre-school called Heathfield School in Fareham at around 3 years old. This was a specialist school for children with learning difficulties and other complex needs. After about a year, the school…

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‘Every Child Matters’ or so I was told…

What does the term ‘Every Child Matters’ mean to you? Well, it didn’t mean much to my secondary school. In my previous two posts: Early Years and Movers and Shakers, I discussed my issues at school, particularly my issues in a mainstream secondary school. Granted certain teachers and teaching assistants were great but as a whole, secondary school got… Continue reading ‘Every Child Matters’ or so I was told…