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White Swan Harborne – Restaurant Review

★★ The White Swan in Harborne is my local pub, a short walk from our house, it's a good place to meet, eat and drink with friends and family. Getting into the White Swan is difficult for me as there are two double doors (one after the other) which are push and pull open doors.… Continue reading White Swan Harborne – Restaurant Review

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Pizza Express Harborne – Restaurant Review

★★★ Pizza Express in Harborne is on the busy high street, towards the bottom. It is closer to the junction pub. The restaurant has one door into the main restaurant which is always closed and I would need assistance to get in. Then the passage between this door and the next was tight and I… Continue reading Pizza Express Harborne – Restaurant Review

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The Green Man Harborne – Restaurant Review

★★★ This restaurant is on a busy high street full of shops and restaurants. The Green Man is located on the top east of Harborne high street. Getting into the restaurant is easy as it has a wide ramp as well as stairs so it is accessible for wheelchair users. Accessibility and space are good and… Continue reading The Green Man Harborne – Restaurant Review

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Essence of Beauty – Harborne – Review

★★★★ Essence of Beauty is located in Harborne and offers a range of beauty and health-based treatments. My mother was a regular patron their and went for a variety of treatments. Most recently I went for a nail treatment as trusted the staff members to give me a high-level personalised service. Previously, I have had… Continue reading Essence of Beauty – Harborne – Review

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Paul at No. 41 – Review

★★★★★ Paul at No. 41 is an independent café on a busy high street in Harborne, it is located opposite M&S and closer to the Green Man. It is a quaint café and depending on how busy it is, the accessibility and space vary.  The café has flat access although the doorway was narrow, and… Continue reading Paul at No. 41 – Review

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Costa Coffee Harborne – Review

★★★★ Getting into Costa Coffee Harborne was easy enough as it was flat access with only a slight incline and only one door was initially open which was not wide enough for me to get through in my electric wheelchair.  However, a staff member came over immediately as soon as he saw us trying to… Continue reading Costa Coffee Harborne – Review

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The Plough, Harborne – Restaurant Review

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ The Plough, Harborne has flat access to the entrance, but somebody had chosen to put a big sign outside, to display deals or a promotion and this prevented me from getting in without assistance. This can be rectified with a simple movement of the board. But at the time of my visit,… Continue reading The Plough, Harborne – Restaurant Review

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Cafe Rouge, Harborne – Restaurant Review

Star Rating: ⭐ Cafe Rouge, Harborne is at the end of Harborne high street, it is in a prime location and it does get a lot of custom. The access to the main front doors of this restaurant is flat although there is a steep incline to the doors, but wheelchair users should be able… Continue reading Cafe Rouge, Harborne – Restaurant Review