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What Annoys Me As A Wheelchair User!

Being in an electric wheelchair all of my life I’ve had various challenges and obstacles in my way. I suffer from Cerebral Palsy which affects all four of my limbs, predominantly on my left side and my right leg, I have been very fortunate in the way that it has not affected me mentally. I… Continue reading What Annoys Me As A Wheelchair User!

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De Montfort University – Year Two On The Horizon

As the summer came to an end, I prepared to begin my second year at De Montfort University. I have had a very active summer, going out and writing new stories and updating my blog. I have included images on each of my blog posts, so each of them stands out and there’s an element… Continue reading De Montfort University – Year Two On The Horizon

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Moving To Leicester

Admittedly when the time got closer and I began to pack, I started to become really nervous but I gritted my teeth and pushed my fears down to do with later on. When packing was done (I never realised I had so much stuff) I set my eyes on planning "FreshersFest16." Purchasing a "FreshersFest16" wristband,… Continue reading Moving To Leicester

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Freshers Fortnight 2014

When people talk about university the first thing they mention is the Freshers week. At Solent it was Freshers Fortnight which meant two weeks of late-nights, parties, alcohol, nightclubs and bars but best of all the Freshers Ball. Prior to starting uni I purchased an AAA band, one for my PA and one for myself. The… Continue reading Freshers Fortnight 2014