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Disability Education – Children Staring

This has always been a constant thorn in my side. I find that a lot of young children stare at me and my wheelchair while I am out in public. I can walk through the streets and be met with the eyes of children, blankly staring at me. I also find that I am stared… Continue reading Disability Education – Children Staring

Disability, My Life

Disability Education – Inclusion In Schools

I have made a lot of friends at special schools and mainstream schools alike, I do not deny that special schools do an amazing job in more than catering for the needs of those with disabilities that go there.  I find the staff within the schools are sympathetic and have a great level of understanding… Continue reading Disability Education – Inclusion In Schools

Disability, My Life

Disability Education – My Educational Journey

As I try to explain to people again and again, the spectrum for Cerebral Palsy and for disability is so broad. Each disability is different to the next, and each disability is different in its self. They affect children, young people and adults in different ways and to different degrees.  When I was four years old,… Continue reading Disability Education – My Educational Journey

Disability, My Life

Disability Education

Suffering with Cerebral Palsy - which affects both of my legs and left arm, results in me being in an electric wheelchair full-time. I admit it does have its challenges and can be difficult at times, more than people can ever imagine.    I try to stay strong but I don’t deny that I crack at times and… Continue reading Disability Education

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‘Every Child Matters’ or so I was told…

What does the term ‘Every Child Matters’ mean to you? Well, it didn’t mean much to my secondary school. In my previous two posts: Early Years and Movers and Shakers, I discussed my issues at school, particularly my issues in a mainstream secondary school. Granted certain teachers and teaching assistants were great but as a whole, secondary school got… Continue reading ‘Every Child Matters’ or so I was told…