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Masters in Creative Writing — De Montfort University

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My Life, Student Life

My Thoughts On My University Journey So Far

I am not perfect. I make mistakes as does everyone. But now I have completed three years at University. One year at Southampton Solent University and two at De Montfort University. Each one of the years was full of their own set of challenges, some more than difficult to overcome than others. The challenges and… Continue reading My Thoughts On My University Journey So Far

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Mainstream vs Specialists Education

I have been having this discussion my whole life – now I have someone else’s opinion 🙂

Little Sea Bear

Hi all, this is a guest post written by Emma who has her own blog, Rock for Disability. A blogger who is interested in anything music, creative arts or disability-related.

Emma has kindly agreed to guest post on Little Sea Bear.

Today, she will be discussing her experience in both Mainstream vs Specialists Education.

Mainstream vs Specialists Education

By Emma

Growing up, I’ve experienced both mainstream and specialist schools and both had their positives and negatives.

I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at 13 months old. At that stage, there was no way of knowing the severity of my disability. Therefore we did not know how capable I’d be to read, write and communicate. I first went to a pre-school called Heathfield School in Fareham at around 3 years old. This was a specialist school for children with learning difficulties and other complex needs. After about a year, the school…

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Disability Education – Cross-Country Trains

Ignorance and unacceptable attitudes of taxis drivers, extends into the cross-country train service and their customers. Having travelled to and from Southampton several times for university, I have realised there are a few problems with the Cross-Country train service. The first issue I noticed was with the assisted travel service at the stations.  Those who are disabled or have… Continue reading Disability Education – Cross-Country Trains

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Disability Education – Taxis

Vne thing that I struggle to do is journey out in public due to the distances I have to travel.  To get to a destination and because of having limited access to my adapted vehicle I rely on taxi services to get me to and from places. I have become a regular with my local taxi… Continue reading Disability Education – Taxis

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Disabled Education – Bullying

Throughout my life as a disabled person and a wheelchair user, I have come to notice that some people think its acceptable to speak to those with disabilities how ever they please. I have experienced it for myself, some people think that just because we're a little less mentally or physically able then they are,… Continue reading Disabled Education – Bullying

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Disability Education – Respect

This one is mostly about common sense. People see a wheelchair or hear the words ‘learning difficulties’ or ‘disabled’ and automatically make assumptions that those in wheelchairs and having learning difficulties cannot understand a situation or what people are saying to them. They are under the impression that we cannot answer for ourselves and therefore speak to who… Continue reading Disability Education – Respect

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Disability Education – Access in Public Places

Being a wheelchair user faces me with me many challenges including access in public places. Though the Equality Law 2010 clearly states that shops and public spaces has to make the necessary changes to make sure that those with disabilities particularly those in wheelchairs have the same experiences as everyone else. I know that these… Continue reading Disability Education – Access in Public Places

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Disability Education – Changing Places

One of the reoccurring issues that I have faced when out in public is the lack of the correct facilitated disabled toilets. Granted there are a number of disabled toilets already in existence, but they are poorly equipped for disabled people. This was until ‘Changing Places’ was introduced… ‘Changing Places’ is a brand-new facility which… Continue reading Disability Education – Changing Places

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Disability Education – Able – Bodied People Using Disabled Toilets

Without going into too much detail, I often found there was a limited number of disabled toilets, which only disabled people can use. As it is a standard lock, there were a number of times where I was waiting to use the toilet, when I found non-disabled emerging from the toilets. Individuals, who were perfectly… Continue reading Disability Education – Able – Bodied People Using Disabled Toilets