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At University with a Disability – Hiring Carers – Round 3

The new academic year at De Montfort University is here once more. This time I'm going into my third year... Once again, the search was on for a PA/carer to assist me through the third year and hopefully shape my experience throughout the academic terms 2018-2019; so, I am able to graduate at the end… Continue reading At University with a Disability – Hiring Carers – Round 3

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The Greatest Showman (2017) Film Review

Star Rating  This film showcases those who are unique and in a gripping musical. The film slowly grew and became a hit overnight, capturing the minds of audiences members everywhere. P.T. Barnum (Hugh Jackson) promises his childhood sweetheart, Charity Barnum (Michelle Williams) a life of luxury while all of their hopes and dreams come true. However, this life takes… Continue reading The Greatest Showman (2017) Film Review

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Changing Places Campaign

‘Changing Places' facilities are brand-new, fast growing and are eagerly promoted. More information about these remarkable facilities can be found here: http://www.changing-places.org/ The 'Changing Places' campaign is hoping to open more and more 'Changing Places' all over the UK. Locate your nearest ‘Changing Places' facilities via http://www.uktoiletmap.org or you can download the app! This on-going… Continue reading Changing Places Campaign

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My Experience With Changing Places

Having struggled for such a long time, needing the toilet out in public and not able to go, I am rejoiced to announce the new ‘Changing Places' facilities has come to shopping centres and public arena to enhance disabled people's experience out in public. ‘Changing Places' is a brand-new facility which is brand-new and refurbished… Continue reading My Experience With Changing Places

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The Radar Scheme

In more recent years, there have been changes that have been put into place as regards to disabled toilets. One of these changes is the radar scheme… On a number of toilets, the door bares a radar key lock. This means that the door cannot be unlocked without a radar key, which only disabled people… Continue reading The Radar Scheme

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My Personal Experience Before Changing Places

Before the ‘Changing Places’ facilities were introduced, I could never be as independent as I wanted to be. I have had Cerebral Palsy and use an electric wheelchair. I live every day as it comes, going out with family and friends, trying to not see my disability as I barrier. I am 22 years-old and… Continue reading My Personal Experience Before Changing Places

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Disability & Standard Sized Toilets

In past years, I have been out in public and needed the bathroom, but I have struggled in using them… There are already a limited number of them and this is jeopardised further by the majority of them bearing standard locks. This is practically giving able-bodied people a free pass to use it, regardless of… Continue reading Disability & Standard Sized Toilets

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My Cadbury World Experience

Over the past year, my PA's who usually support me at Leicester and in university have come to support me at home in Birmingham. As these PA's are from Leicester and would like me to of not visited Birmingham before, I was in charge of being their personal tour guide. I enjoy showing them around,… Continue reading My Cadbury World Experience

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Going Abroad To Spain With A Disability

In recent years we have decided to holiday many times in Spain, during the summer. Now, I regularly get asked a question after I tell people we are going to Spain again. You've already been there, why go again? Unfortunately, there are very limited locations which have disability access and awareness in the country which… Continue reading Going Abroad To Spain With A Disability

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Changing Places

Changing Place’ facilities have recently come into existence and have enhanced One of the reoccurring issues that I have faced when out in public is the lack of the correct facilitated disabled toilets. Granted there are a number of disabled toilets already in existence, but they are poorly equipped for disabled people. This was until… Continue reading Changing Places