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Genre Fiction: A Crime Novel – Imogen’s Dark Secret

I experimented the different genres for my genre fiction module submission. These were horror, crime, Sci-fi and fantasy. Before deciding which one to use, I wanted to really push myself out of my comfort zone and try something new. I had a think about the creative projects that were on the back burner for me… Continue reading Genre Fiction: A Crime Novel – Imogen’s Dark Secret

My Life, Student Life

Writing Genre Fiction: A Crime Novel

Today I submitted my first piece of creative fiction for my MA. After a rocky start with the prospect of a delay in studying, I was pleasantly surprised. All of my course mates are very nice and this made classes a lot easier and more fun. Sometimes I talk with fellow writers casually. Though it's only… Continue reading Writing Genre Fiction: A Crime Novel

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Re-Launching #SophieCreates

As part of studying MA Professional Creative Writing at Coventry University, I have to create a website and blog, similar to an online portfolio. This includes extracts of my writing, details of my journey as a professional writer and my personal development going into the industry. A few years ago I decided to create such… Continue reading Re-Launching #SophieCreates