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Who am I?

Hi, my name is Sophie Abel and I am 22 years – old. I am currently in my third year of study at De Montfort University, studying Creative Writing & Journalism. I am a bubbly friendly person who can’t resist a challenge. I write regularly for my university’s magazine, ‘The Demon’ getting published in print… Continue reading Who am I?

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The Second Year On My Course – Creative Writing

First, let's talk about the creative writing part of my degree. Each of my two years on my creative writing part of the course has taught me that there are different forms of writing as well as genres. It has encouraged me to write in other genres other than the fantasy fiction genre that I am… Continue reading The Second Year On My Course – Creative Writing

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My Thoughts of Joint Honours Degree So Far

My second year at university is very stressful, particularly on a joint honours degree. I appreciate that it some people may say it is the same as a single honours, but it is not. I agree that it is split equally in two halves of the degree. Each half has two units, which when together,… Continue reading My Thoughts of Joint Honours Degree So Far

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Third Year Decision Dissertation VS. Practical Project

Since I originally applied to university three years ago I have not been sure what I wanted to do in my future. I spent some time playing around and testing different subjects but never was able to find a area that I felt confidence and passionate about. The first time I applied for university I… Continue reading Third Year Decision Dissertation VS. Practical Project

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De Montfort University Taster Day

In early to mid-summer I found out that De Montfort University were hosting taster days for each faculty. Friends that I'd made online through various Facebook groups I had joined had previously been to the taster day linked particularly to their faculty and really enjoyed it, saying it was a good way to meet friends… Continue reading De Montfort University Taster Day

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Creative Writing and Journalism Challenge

It was a few weeks after receiving my unconditional offer to study Creative Writing and Film Studies; De Montfort University contacted me again this time regarding my Creative Writing and Journalism application. They informed me that my application had been shortlisted and they were still considering it. In order for them to continue considering my application, they wanted… Continue reading Creative Writing and Journalism Challenge