Changing Places Reviews

‘Changing Places’ – Coventry University: Alison Gingell Building

There was no indication that there was a 'Changing Places' facility located in Coventry University itself. The ones listed were located in the city. After visiting Coventry University, I found a 'Changing Places' was in fact located in the Alison Gingell Building, the Health and Sciences building. It wasn't exactly classed as a 'Changing Places'… Continue reading ‘Changing Places’ – Coventry University: Alison Gingell Building

Changing Places Reviews

‘Changing Places’ Tesco Superstore, New Milton

The location of this Changing Places was very good within the shop as it was away from other toilet facilities, hopefully meaning it is less likely to be used by the wrong people. Additionally, as you go into the Tesco there is a sign with the correct symbol to indicate to this toilet facility is… Continue reading ‘Changing Places’ Tesco Superstore, New Milton

Changing Places Reviews

‘Changing Places’ – Birmingham New Street Station

Despite using New Street Station in Birmingham, a number of times, I have not realised there is a 'Changing Places' facility in the confines of the actual station. If you enter via the entrance alongside Tk Maxx by Leon, the ‘Changing Places’ facility is to your left with the other toilets. I had not noticed… Continue reading ‘Changing Places’ – Birmingham New Street Station

Changing Places Reviews

‘Changing Places’ – Gunwharf Quays

Gunwalf Quays is a beautiful little shopping centre that I love to go to when I fancy a day trip away from our holiday in Southampton. One of the hardest things to find in the shopping centre is the 'changing places' facility. The location of the facility is in in one of the outer rings… Continue reading ‘Changing Places’ – Gunwharf Quays

Changing Places Reviews

‘Changing Places’ – University of Birmingham Library

When on the Masters open day at the University of Birmingham myself and my dad were lucky to find a ‘Changing Places’ facility located in the library. I was reassured by this as if I decide to apply for the University of Birmingham to study at postgraduate level, I would need the use of this… Continue reading ‘Changing Places’ – University of Birmingham Library

Changing Places Reviews

Changing Places – Birmingham International Airport

Birmingham International Airport offers a changing place facility which is located in the Departures section after you have passed through security. Although it is located by other toilets it is not obvious it is there, but it does have a sign with the correct symbol for this facility directing you to the facility. The door… Continue reading Changing Places – Birmingham International Airport

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