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De Montfort University Taster Day

In early to mid-summer I found out that De Montfort University were hosting taster days for each faculty. Friends that I'd made online through various Facebook groups I had joined had previously been to the taster day linked particularly to their faculty and really enjoyed it, saying it was a good way to meet friends… Continue reading De Montfort University Taster Day

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Society19 Blogging

As the time to go to university approached, I started to research opportunities and vacancies in Leicester, in which I could do beside my course to build my experience and CV. It is also be a great way to form friendship groups other than I would at De Montfort University. By researching, I came across various opportunities that… Continue reading Society19 Blogging

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Final Decision

After receiving offers from all of my chosen universities, I had to make a very tough decision. To help me with this decision I made a list of the positives and negatives of each choice. First of all I thought about the unconditional offers I received from De Montfort University and Birmingham City University. After loving the… Continue reading Final Decision

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Creative Writing and Journalism Challenge

It was a few weeks after receiving my unconditional offer to study Creative Writing and Film Studies; De Montfort University contacted me again this time regarding my Creative Writing and Journalism application. They informed me that my application had been shortlisted and they were still considering it. In order for them to continue considering my application, they wanted… Continue reading Creative Writing and Journalism Challenge

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University Requests

Having been to all of the open days, I anxiously awaited correspondence from all the universities I applied too. Having this new outlook on university and considering everything I saw on the open days, I decided to apply to Birmingham City University - Media & Communications Radio, Newman University Birmingham - Creative Writing, De Montfort University Leicester… Continue reading University Requests

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University Accommodation – De Montfort University

De Montfort University is one hour from Birmingham, so I’d be living away from home, but I could come home every weekend and sometimes during the week depending on my timetable. The main accommodation was split into two areas; there was a main lobby where the management office was and their front desk. There is also… Continue reading University Accommodation – De Montfort University

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University Accommodation – Newman University

Since Newman University was a short distance from the house I decided, just out of curiosity to view the accommodation there. I was nervous and anxious, however I found comfort in the knowledge that home was up the road. The accommodation was on the campus, only feet away from the university. This will help out if I had a long day… Continue reading University Accommodation – Newman University

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University Accommodation – Birmingham City University

When I originally applied to Birmingham City University (BCU), I looked into living away from home. Unfortunately the only adapted accommodation available was based in Perry Barr, which was a fair distance from Millennium Point where I’d be studying my chosen course, Media and Communications. This would be difficult, as I would have to travel back… Continue reading University Accommodation – Birmingham City University

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De Montfort University Leicester

After relentless searching, I found a Creative Writing course at De Montfort University. Reading further into the course, I discovered that the course is offered as joint honours, combining with journalism   Searching online for creative writing courses proved to be very hard. There were only a small number of them that I could find,… Continue reading De Montfort University Leicester

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Newman University Birmingham

After establishing that I wanted to do creative writing as a degree, I researched courses in my local area. One that caught my eye was Newman University in Birmingham.   Newman University seemed to be the only university I could find who offered the course as a single honors degree. I found this very appealing.… Continue reading Newman University Birmingham