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Cadbury World Review

★★★ Booking Let’s start with the booking process. I would strongly advise you to book through the Cadbury World website and make sure to pre-book all your tickets. It is a very popular tourist attraction, meaning without pre-booking your tickets, you risk not being able to gain entrance on your chosen date and time. Also,… Continue reading Cadbury World Review

Changing Places Reviews

Changing Places – Cadbury World

The location of the 'Changing Places' facility within the Cadbury world tour is in a corridor off to the entrance and the main check-in desk. I think the location of the facility is very good as means that people can use the facility before and after the tour, visitors with disabilities are also told that they… Continue reading Changing Places – Cadbury World

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Cadbury World Tour & Afternoon Tea Compensation

Mom and I arranged our Cadbury World tour and afternoon tea to be in the summer. We were very excited as we knew that this was our compensation for being locked in and we were not only having a tour but an afternoon tea for two. Having already had it organised by the man mom… Continue reading Cadbury World Tour & Afternoon Tea Compensation

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My Cadbury World Experience

Over the past year, my PA's who usually support me at Leicester and in university have come to support me at home in Birmingham. As these PA's are from Leicester and would like me to of not visited Birmingham before, I was in charge of being their personal tour guide. I enjoy showing them around,… Continue reading My Cadbury World Experience

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Cadbury World 2017

Scrolling through websites, I found an advertisement and promotion for Cadbury World and planned to go with India. Having been before and enjoyed it, I purchased two tickets, one for myself and one for India, who was eager to come with me. Glancing at the tickets and requirements, we phoned the exhibition up to confirm… Continue reading Cadbury World 2017