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Mi Amore, Birmingham – Restaurant Review

Star Rating:⭐⭐⭐ A stylish new restaurant and bar comes in Birmingham City Centre Mi Amore, Birmingham, is bright and very welcoming from the outside. The windows are wide and allow light to shine into every part of the restaurant/bar. When I came up to it, I saw the entrance was level access — though there was… Continue reading Mi Amore, Birmingham – Restaurant Review

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Cadbury World Review

Star Rating:   A true family and chocolate filled day!   Let’s start with the booking process, I would strongly advise you book through the Cadbury World website. I would make sure to pre-book all of your tickets to Cadbury World. It is a very popular tourist attraction and without pre-booking your tickets, you can… Continue reading Cadbury World Review

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Birmingham City Council – Follow Up

Following the incident and hearing outside Birmingham New Street, I decided to write a feature on it as a piece of my coursework and this is what I found out. The incident with the taxi driver outside Birmingham New Street station and the hearing which followed this, made me eager and passionate about the attitudes… Continue reading Birmingham City Council – Follow Up

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Birmingham City Council Taxis – The Hearing

It was time for me to make a stand and I was impressed on how fast Birmingham City Council responded and how seriously they took my complaint. After the incident with the driver, outside Birmingham New Street station, I felt terrible and sad, and just wanted to let it go and move on. However, I… Continue reading Birmingham City Council Taxis – The Hearing

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Birmingham City Council Taxis – The Incident

I have had many issues with taxi drivers, but this was something else entirely. Earlier this year, in May, on a Friday evening when Kate was still assisting me in my first year of university, I emerged out of Birmingham New Street station after travelling back from Leicester. Coming out of the station, Kate and… Continue reading Birmingham City Council Taxis – The Incident

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Airport Apprehensions

I don't travel abroad very often but when I do every trip is unique. There is always something that causes our tempers or emotions rise. Though our previous trips always encourage us to preplan to avoid any difficulties, we never get it totally right. Before our holiday to Spain this year, we organised our flights,… Continue reading Airport Apprehensions

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Name & Shame Article

Since I got older and somewhat wiser to the society I live in and how it affects disabled people, particularly those in wheelchairs, I wanted to do something and make people more aware and considerate to us. As I have said before, our lives are difficult enough without society creating obstacles for us as well.… Continue reading Name & Shame Article

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Work Experience Placement – Birmingham Post & Mail

In the summer between my first and second year, I was very lucky to secure work experience at the Birmingham Post & Mail. This helped me in my journey to become an aspiring journalists. During my first year at De Montfort University I was able to acquire a range of skills from both areas of my… Continue reading Work Experience Placement – Birmingham Post & Mail

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The Flights Home

We regretfully packed up and headed to Orlando International airport for the journey home.    Returning the adapted vehicle and checking in we spoke to assistants about boarding the plane. Going through security, we and our bags were checked over using the same process as before.  Continuing to find this annoying, I reassured myself that this was probably… Continue reading The Flights Home

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Flight – Birmingham to New York City

The morning of our flight to New York, we had to get up at 5am. We had a taxi waiting outside our house to take us to Birmingham Airport. Rushing to get our luggage together, we doubled checked we had everything for our holidays. Excited for the holiday, I made sure I had my hand… Continue reading Flight – Birmingham to New York City