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Nandos, Highcross, Leicester – Restaurant Review

Star Rating:   Nando's in Highcross Shopping Centre, Leicester is it a wide square of restaurants in which I often visit as illustrated in previous reviews. The restaurant has complete flat access to get in, but then there is a front of house stand which is quite close to the entrance, so it is difficult… Continue reading Nandos, Highcross, Leicester – Restaurant Review

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Frankie & Bennies Highcross Leicester – Restaurant Review

Star Rating: ⭐ Frankie & Bennies, Leicester is one restaurant of many which sat in a wide square full of other restaurants and pubs. This particular restaurant has flat access to get inside, however, it is immediately apparent that the inside of the restaurant he's very cramped and cluttered with the number of tables and… Continue reading Frankie & Bennies Highcross Leicester – Restaurant Review

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The Plough, Harborne – Restaurant Review

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ The Plough, Harborne has flat access to the entrance, but somebody had chosen to put a big sign outside, to display deals or a promotion and this prevented me from getting in without assistance. This can be rectified with a simple movement of the board. But at the time of my visit,… Continue reading The Plough, Harborne – Restaurant Review

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Cafe Rouge, Harborne – Restaurant Review

Star Rating: ⭐ Cafe Rouge, Harborne is at the end of Harborne high street, it is in a prime location and it does get a lot of custom. The access to the main front doors of this restaurant is flat although there is a steep incline to the doors, but wheelchair users should be able… Continue reading Cafe Rouge, Harborne – Restaurant Review

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Genting Casino, Edgbaston – Restaurant Review

Star Rating: ⭐ The Genting Casino, Edgbaston has ramp access to the first set of double doors into Genting Casino, Edgbaston. A member of staff has to come and let the customers in these first set of doors and customers have to wait for those first set of doors to close before the second set open to… Continue reading Genting Casino, Edgbaston – Restaurant Review

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Coast To Coast, Highcross Leicester – Restaurant Review

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Coast To Coast, Leicester stands in a whole square of restaurants. The simple design of the inside and outside of Coast To Coast, Leicester is the same as all Coast To Coast restaurants. I managed to get inside with ease, however, there were two sets of doors which needed to be pulled… Continue reading Coast To Coast, Highcross Leicester – Restaurant Review

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Handmade Burger Co, Highcross, Leicester -Restaurant Review

Star Rating   Handmade Burger Co, Leicester is positioned within a very large square outside Highcross Shopping Centre, amongst various other restaurants sit. This is a good thing as both the University of Leicester and De Montfort University students often congregate in this square. My dad, my brother, my personal assistant, Melody and I decided… Continue reading Handmade Burger Co, Highcross, Leicester -Restaurant Review

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Creams, Broad Street, Birmingham -Restaurant Review

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Creams, Broad Street, Birmingham is my favourite ice cream parlour in the city. I had been here several times with the people I spend my days with, particularly my many personal assistants. The man entrance into Creams was completely flat and it was easy for me in my electric wheelchair user to… Continue reading Creams, Broad Street, Birmingham -Restaurant Review

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Buffet Mania, Leicester – Restaurant Review

Star Rating    The restaurant was immediately recognisable by its bright logo and the overall appearance of the restaurant looked very inviting, especially when there was a big sign in the window, showing it was a £5 all you can eat buffet, all day, every day! There is a ramp, which gives a slight incline… Continue reading Buffet Mania, Leicester – Restaurant Review

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TGI Fridays, Birmingham – Restaurant Review

Star Rating:⭐⭐⭐   TGI Fridays, Hagley RD isn't far for me to walk, so I went there on foot. I walked there with my god-sister and I was delighted with her company. It didn't take us long to walk around to the restaurant and we navigated our way through parked cars and used the flat… Continue reading TGI Fridays, Birmingham – Restaurant Review