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Disability Education – Cross-Country Trains

Ignorance and unacceptable attitudes of taxis drivers, extends into the cross-country train service and their customers. Having travelled to and from Southampton several times for university, I have realised there are a few problems with the Cross-Country train service. The first issue I noticed was with the assisted travel service at the stations.  Those who are disabled or have… Continue reading Disability Education – Cross-Country Trains

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Disability Education – Taxis

Vne thing that I struggle to do is journey out in public due to the distances I have to travel.  To get to a destination and because of having limited access to my adapted vehicle I rely on taxi services to get me to and from places. I have become a regular with my local taxi… Continue reading Disability Education – Taxis

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The Flights Home

We regretfully packed up and headed to Orlando International airport for the journey home.    Returning the adapted vehicle and checking in we spoke to assistants about boarding the plane. Going through security, we and our bags were checked over using the same process as before.  Continuing to find this annoying, I reassured myself that this was probably… Continue reading The Flights Home

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Diagon Ally VS. Hogsmeade Village – The Return

After we spent at a week in Palm Beach, resting and recuperating, we travelled back to Orlando ready for our flight home the next day.    We stayed in ‘Staybridge Suites’. In our suite we had a big bedroom and a lounge area with a sofa bed, a TV, a counter with a mini kitchen. On the morning of… Continue reading Diagon Ally VS. Hogsmeade Village – The Return

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Orlando Florida – Island of Adventures

The following day after we visited Universal Studios and Diagon Alley we went to Island of Adventures. Compared to Universal Studios, this park is a much smaller.    All of the rides and attractions were all compressed into a small space. This did have some benefits, everything was close by and easy to find. As… Continue reading Orlando Florida – Island of Adventures

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Universal Studios – Diagon Alley

fter waiting and waiting, I struggled to contain my excitement as we journeyed to Diagon Ally, the brand-new Harry Potter theme park. I had heard such good things about it from friends and family that I was literally bouncing up and down in my seat with excitement. Reaching the entrance to Diagon Ally, we knew… Continue reading Universal Studios – Diagon Alley

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Orlando Florida – Universal Studios

Orlando Florida was beautiful and the sights were amazing, however I was most looking forward to getting to Universal Studios theme park.    As we drove, we started seeing signs for the theme park, billboards on both sides of the road, advertising attractions at Universal Studios such as Shrek ride and the Spiderman and other… Continue reading Orlando Florida – Universal Studios

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Orlando Florida

When we landed in Orlando and waiting to get off, we looked out the window and saw it was pouring down with rain.  I was very disappointed as I was expecting sunny weather as it had been up until that point. But we arrived in the pouring rain, great, wonderful timing on our part.  As… Continue reading Orlando Florida

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New York – Hunger Games Exhibition

When researching attractions and monuments and things to do in New York I came across the New York – Hunger Games Exhibition located in Times Square  Having read and watched all of the Hunger Games I was eager to go. I read reviews and watched videos of the exhibition. Excited, I persuaded my parents to… Continue reading New York – Hunger Games Exhibition